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Supernatural Entities Can Be Invited Into Your Home!
Your compassion alone has helped so many, Haunted. That along with good old fashioned "horse sense" as my grandpa calls it, and your willingness to share your experiences.

You make us all feel special, my friend.
“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” ~Philip K. Dick

Thank you so much Haunted.I'll admit I'm a little scared to buy things or invite people over now because I have more than enough negative energy.I'm not quite sure why someone would want to invite a demon into their home,but I guess that's just me.Thank you so much.I had no idea that it can happen any other way that summoning.
"These are the darkest clouds that have surrounded me"-Within Temptation
I have often wondered how one would begin to find out if they had brought home something that has negative energy attatched. I mean, I'm seriously thinking of having everything I own blessed someway or another. It's so frightening to think that darkness can enter the home this way. At the same time, it would explain a demonic presence when nothing has been done to call it up.
“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” ~Philip K. Dick

#14 you know I will be having the home blessed soon....had to change the date due to a work emergency...but it will still be soon. My question is this: once the home is cleansed/blessed.....and I buy something old or new...can a demonic spirit still enter without my permission?

I have learned a lot in this forum about demons and from the demonologist as well. I knew I was being attacked by demons ...but I didn't know what to do or how to handle it. Before I found this forum no-one believed me. I refused to give up because I knew what I was experiencing was real.

I thank EVERYONE here for that.
"Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil." Ephesians 6:11
I really don't know very much about demons but I have in the past felt that I had crossed paths so to speak with something 'nonhuman'.....I was a child at that time and didn't understand anything but that it felt 'bad'.
I love old things and love to have them around me and my home.....I'm a history geek so that comes with the territory. I do cleanse anything before it comes in my house though.
A few months ago my husband's grandmother gave him a rifle and it dates from the civil war time period.....I made him leave it in our truck until I could cleanse it. Since we had handled it and brought it home with us and our son.....I even cleansed us before I'd let it in our home.
I didn't always understand the need to do that but I do now and try to be very cautious.
A uncle of mine was in WWII and he brought a head hunters axe back home with him....he never mentioned any problems with having it but once it was in my possession I started having very strange dreams/nightmares. Now I don't believe it was anything but negative energy attached to the axe but once I cleansed it I never had any more problems with it......I even have it hanging in my bedroom.

I do have to agree with the others that your posts are very helpful and I hope to learn more from your posts in the future.
How do you "cleanse" something before it is brought into your home? I really do need to know this.
"Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil." Ephesians 6:11
Thank you to everyone for all your comments, I am so glad that my posts and threads have helped someone. That's my whole purpose in making them, I have been through a lot and learned a lot and the hard road don't seem quite so rough when the turmoil and torment I've went through is put to good use in helping someone else.

Warrior, when I lived in a house years ago that was full of demons, I'd actually cleansed it several times before it finally did the job. My step dad didn't believe in demons and spirits at the time and I didn't know that. I'd be at my mother's house talking to her and he'd be in the living room and hearing everything I'd say. After I found out that he didn't believe, I'd imagined that he probably thought I was totally crazy for some time.

Anyway, he was a Christian but just didn't believe in demons and hauntings etc. Until one night he had a dream, he said that he was looking toward my house and I would run out the back door praying and pleading the blood of Jesus over the house demanding the demons to go away. The house was covered with so many snakes that he said he couldn't see one speck of the roof or paint.

He said that as I plead the blood of Jesus over the house and demanded the demons to leave, the snakes would all run away. BUT as soon as I went back into the house they'd all return. They were all different colors and lengths, some was really big and fat and some were really skinny. I'd run back out and do the same thing, they'd go away and then return just a little while after I went back in the house. I just did this over and over several times.

That was exactly what was happening to me. I'd cleanse the house and for a few days, we'd have peace. But, then they'd all return and I'd cleanse the house again, a few days of peace and then they'd all be back.

I honestly don't know what the difference was in the last time I cleansed the house, unless it was the fact that I'd finally realized that no one from my church was going to help me and I had to have the faith to do it myself. But, for the entire time that I lived there nothing came back in our home. We lived in peace the whole time, but when my uncle moved back in, he had problems again.

If a cleansing is done in the right way, I don't think demons can get back in unless you do something to let them in, to create that opening they need. Warrior I know that you're not going to do this, but for others, creating that opening to let them back in could be as simple as bringing a Ouija board into your home or anything to do with witchcraft.

I totally agree with CinnamonGirl, although I don't always do it because I know that if anything shows up in my house I can get rid of it, it's best to cleanse everything before you bring it in.

I myself wouldn't cleanse brand new items, although just because they're new that doesn't mean that there's not a slight chance that something could be clinging to it. But, I would definitely cleanse anything old or any antiques. I generally always get that "feeling" when I'm around something and when I feel that I definitely cleanse it before it comes into my home.

I cleanse items in the same way that I cleanse a house. I use olive oil and pray for God to remove and bind anything that is attached to the item. I plead the blood of Jesus over it and I always thank him for removing and binding the evil for me. I can't stress that word BIND enough. Asking for it to be bound is just as important as asking God to remove any evil spirits from it.

When I say that people invite spirits into their home, I don't mean they literally say come on in demons. If a spirit is attached to a person and you invite them in, you're basically inviting what's on them to come in. When you bring a item into the home voluntarily that has something attached to it, then you're basically inviting the spirit or demon in with it.

And, I'd like to add that just because a demon is clinging to someone that comes to your home, that doesn't mean that the person knew it was attached to them. So, they're not really bringing a demon into your home on purpose. Of course, there are those cases where someone knows that something evil is following, but that's not always the case.

Warrior if you need to know anything else just please ask or pm me if you feel the need to, you know I'm here to try to help if you need it.

I'd also like to add that everything I say on here is from my own experiences with the paranormal. I might not always be right, the things I do to get rid of evil might not always work for someone else, but it has always worked for me. But, I have a strong faith that God can do anything, I believe it with all my heart and soul. Whether you call him God, or your higher power it doesn't matter, you just have to believe that he has more power than anything in this world or in the paranormal world.
have to agree with your OP haunted...
Had that experience for wuite some time but I dont allow anything into the new house and when I think they are trying to come around I announce that they cannot do so.
I think the command of Leave in the name of Jesus Christ is the most effective for me. The demon's don't like it when He's in the house! (my opinion, anyway)
“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” ~Philip K. Dick

Of course they can but only, supposedly, if summoned and getting rid of them can be just as or more difficult and more dangerous. Why summon one if one knows it might want to stay and wreck havoc on one physically and /or mentally just for fun?

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