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Poll: Have You Experienced Sleep Paralysis?
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Have You Ever Exerienced Sleep Paralysis?
Not regularly but like MetroGnome I had it much more as a child. For me it was almost common during my teenage years & at times frightening. And it was researching what it was that brought me into contact with the world of paranormal books.
I have experienced this and it was one of the more alarming things I feel like has happened. My ex boyfriend had a dog (that wasn't super affectionate) that when he would leave for work would get up and sleep on my feet. When that dog died and I started staying there alone is when it started happening. I would wake up and not be able to move and feel my ex sit down and lean over me like to kiss me. Then would realize he left already so it wasn't him. The weirdest part to me was it never happened until that dog died.

I have had this a few times over the years, I cannot shout out, I cannot move a muscle, I am aware of it too. My experiences have differed, one time I felt like I was suffering a seizure, so scary cos I could not shout out.
Another time I felt paralyzed again but felt someone on top of me, it turned sexual even though I couldn't see who it was, I knew it was a male. Without going into detail it was not unpleasant but I would not like it again!. Sad
(02-27-2009, 06:27 PM)Biggun Wrote: I would like to know how many here have went through this experience and what you think caused it or why it happens.

I have had it happen to me 2 different times and both times I felt a strong sense that some "thing" was there causing it. I never saw it but I could somehow feel that it was there and that it was evil or maliscious

Back when I first became interested in astral projection I had this happen a lot.  IMO it's just the beginning of your consciousness transferring to the astral body.  It makes sense to think that when it happens your thinking can't make your physical body respond-because the controls are not in that body now but transferring to the astral. The advice is to just go with it, as scary as it is, and after a few seconds or a minute you will be able to, lift up out of your body and be free in the astral.
It's kind of a trick question.

I've certainly had experiences that others would classify that way.

I've also been able to get rid of it. The phenomenon (among others) yields easily to banishment.

I know a lot of people get hung up on the insistence that these either have to be entirely outer phenomena or entirely psyche related.

I say it's both, so I tend to tick everyone off.

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