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How soon after transition cld you reincarnate ?
The first step is to realize you have died. Nothing can take place until the realization and you accept the fact that it’s over.
(07-27-2010, 09:51 PM)Ali Wrote: I believe you reincarnate when you are ready for your next lesson. It could be soon after a death, a few generations down the line, or never. I do not believe the other side runs on the same time frame as we do. Therefore, everyone is different.

I had a discussion some years back with a spirit I contacted (via spirit board) by the name of Helen. She died in N.Y City in 1904, she seemed humble, and actually wanted to answer my questions on this subject. She said basically on average at least as time is measured on our plane between 100 to 250 fifty years. But that time on that side of the plane is much different and while it sounds like a lot, on the astral side that is like a blink of an eye. She said the soul need's time to heal and to take time to rest to see what "we" got right in a life cycle and more importantly what we got "wrong" and that there is no rule for having to come back at all or not, that is up to the individual soul.
She also stated that a lot of the time we reincarnate in groups, that certain souls just want to be together during life cycles. she said my daughter and my dad have traveled thru previous life cycles with me while my wife and mom have not, nor have ever been. She also said in closing that the three of us in our previous cycle had been born in western Europe and traveled around for some years, she didn't give me the order in which we knew each other or were even related by blood, but the group was together. I think about this from time to time and at quiet time's now and then but it "feels" right.
have you ever thought about how quickly you cld be reincarnated if it is possible?

Goodness no. I think the idea is NOT to come back. Lol.

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