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How To Get Rid Of Demons!
Hello 2Curious1 thank you for making such an interesting post. I would suggest that you might break up the text a bit to make it easier to read. Also you might want to read the forum rules as profanity is not allowed and will cause your post to have red "I NEED TO EDIT MY POST TO REMOVE THIS - Profanity is not allowed" notices

The presence of those seeking the truth is infinitely to be preferred to the presence of those who think they've found it. ~ Terry Pratchett

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(02-23-2009, 04:33 PM)Haunted Wrote: Ok, I'm posting this in the demon section because I've co-existed with spirits all of my life in perfect harmony! We have lived with some, that came to seem like a part of our family. And, have been missed when they're no longer with us. So, I have never felt the need to try to get rid of them. Demons on the other hand, are threatening and terrifying and need to be sent back where they belong!

This is an excellent forum, full of very interesting stories, ideas and beliefs. I want to thank the admin for their time and effort in providing such a great place to discuss all the supernatural things happening in the world around us. Even if you don't believe, or have never experienced things like what is talked about here, you have to admit the possibilities are endless and very interesting!  

I'm posting this because, while no one has all the answers, I've seen too many posts of people asking for help from terrifying situations and not really receiving a solid answer in many cases. People sometimes arrive at this forum when they've searched and searched for help and have not been able to find any solutions any where else.

And, while I am not claiming to have all the answers, I just know that I've dealt with some pretty evil things in my life and have had to get rid of them and this has worked for me. Unless you've lived with evil and felt scared in your own home, you can't know how bad it can be.

I'm also not promising this will work for everyone, but it works for me! And, if this helps just one person, it's worth it.

So, laugh, joke, ridicule, make fun, call me crazy --- I don't care! Many people already think we're crazy because we claim to have seen spirits, ghosts and demons. So, explaining how we get rid of them isn't any crazier!  

First of all, I don't believe that everyone has the power to cleanse a house or anything else. And, I'm also not claiming to have some mysterious power, I believe in a power that has power over demons!  Second of all, I think you have to believe in a higher power for this to work, in my case I believe in God. I don't necessarily think you have to believe in the traditional God. You may have another name for the higher power you believe in, that's fine as long as you believe your higher power has more power than demons.

I was raised in a church that used olive oil. It was prayed over by members of the church, asking God to anoint it with his power. It was used to anoint cloths for healing, for the laying on of hands for healing and problems etc. Again, let me stress that I don't care if you believe or not, someone out there needing help will believe!

So, naturally I use olive oil. Some people I know use salt and other things. I don't really think it matters what you use, as long as you believe your higher power can do what you're asking. I look at olive oil and salt as a tool.

I think it's the physical thing for a person to use that makes them feel like they've actually done something physical to get rid of demons. I don't think the God I believe in needs olive oil to banish demons back to the pits of hell. The olive oil, salt or what ever someone uses is for their benefit. I wouldn't be surprised if plain tap water worked just as well!

NO, I'm not overly religious, in fact I've not been to church in probably 15 years. But, that has no effect on the fact that I still believe that God can do anything and has more power than anything in the world, both the physical world and the supernatural world.

I recently had to remove a evil spirit, or demon from my daughter's apartment and this is what I did.............

I got a small jar and poured some olive oil into it. I wrapped my hands around it and prayed over it. I asked God to anoint it with his power, I told him that I didn't know what this thing was sent to do, but I knew he could protect my daughter and grand-daughter and cast it out of their home and back to the pits of hell where it belonged!

I then went upstairs and started anointing the windows and doors with the olive oil, praying and asking God to do the same thing I did when I poured the olive oil into the jar. Some people use tools, a feather or some other type of item, I use my fingers. I also recommend that you start with the windows and as you leave the room, spread some oil at the doorway.

As you go through each room, keep praying for God to bind the demon, remove it from the home, cast it back to hell, plead the blood of Jesus over the home, ask for his protection. Whatever you pray is up to you, just believe it and trust it will be done. I also like to thank him as I go for doing this for me!  

I just get some of the olive oil on my finger and make a line around each window, a line that I believe the demon can not cross! The oil at the doorway, is my way of keeping it from re-entering the room. I prefer to make a solid line of oil around the entire window and door, but usually I just make a line at all 4 sides and it's still got rid of what ever I was trying to get rid of.

As I came down the stairs I spread some olive oil on the bottom of the stairway, I believe this keeps the demon from going back up the steps. Then I started in the back of the apartment in the living room doing the same thing and worked my way through the hallway, the kitchen and finally to the front door.

There wasn't a big commotion, no snarling, screaming, or signs of a demon, no noise at all in fact. It all went peacefully and calmly. This may not always be the case, I think it depends on how strong the entity is and how bad he wants to remain in your home to do his evil deeds. But, this demon that had scared the life out of my daughter and  a full grown Golden Retriever (story in another post) never appeared again!

Like I said, call me crazy, I really don't care, if being crazy has allowed me to run terrifying and dangerous demons out of my house and the home of my child, I love being crazy!

Just make sure that you do all the windows in each room and start upstairs if you have an upstairs. I believe that the oil around the windows keeps the demon from escaping, the oil at the door keeps it from re-entering the room. As you get to the last room and the last way out, I believe the demon goes out that door. Once you spread oil around that door, it can not come back through it.

NOW this is not to say, that at a later time another demon might not enter the same home. Even though you've done this, a demon can still enter IF you've brought them in or invited them in. Read my other thread about Sudden Hauntings From Traveling Spirits and Demons.

If one comes in on something you bring into the home, or on someone you've invited into your home, you've literally unknowingly gave them permission to enter!  

This is the same method I've used to get rid of some pretty nasty things over the years. Like I said, it may or may not work for you, but if you're being tormented, what can it hurt to try??
   Thanks for your POST! 
      I think it's very important as you said to be very careful if you have spiritually open psychic,or developing. You can unknowingly attract a negative entity (spirit) to you as well. Spirits that are not crossed over and sad may find a kinship with you. As you say demons (ie I refer to femond as powerful evil entities because I don't want to give them power) can ruin your life , make you sick. They are real and not to taken lightly if you are spiritual, gifted, developing,etc. I agree completely. But I want to add that negative spirits who are negative because they can enter your auric field (ie your spirit self)and make you sad,or afraid of things,even cause severe depression. I agree with your information about demons. I thank you for your cleansing technique,binding, and other spiritual information. I use olive oil,epsom  salt, feathers,and definitely pray. You have to as you said have a good relationship with God. I will add that I knew of a man developing spiritually. Well he was not protecting himself by using technique s you stated and cleansing prayers and meditations. This person attracted a sad negative spirit that was then removed but then he developed very much and neglected protection. A sad old spirit entered this man's spirit. This sad spirit had a cognitive disorder, including visual delusions. The man became sad and started seeing things not present (delusions). The man wasn't possessed but was desperate for help and my mentor and college was able to send the sad spirit to the Other Side. Demons are terrible as you say. I just wanted to add that negative entities that aren't demons or powerful evil entities can also cause a lot of problems. Thanks again for your post. I would enjoy sharing more knowledge with you. Thanks!
What if your one of the fallen? What if your trying to get out but the other side won’t let you?
Is there a way out?

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