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The Most Horror Movie You Have Seen Till Now ?
Its 'The Entity' and 'The Exorcist' for me, Id hate to have they demons follow me from house to house. Oh My!Big eyesBig eyesHuhSad
Heaven doesn't want me, and Hell's afraid i'll take over
I love the big eyes on that one, dizzi! I agree, "The Entity" was horrifying to watch. Couldn't walk around the house with the lights off, that's for sure.

But I have to say the movie that scared me the most, especially the first time I saw it was "Evil Dead" There was just something about the way it never showed exactly what this demonic thing was..........but you knew it was big and it was MAD! That, and the horrible mechanical way the people talked when they were possessed by this thing.
“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” ~Philip K. Dick

I have'nt seen that one scareygirl, must have a look, i generally can watch horror films on my own, but 'The Entity' NO WAY, i couldnt be in the house on my own for ages, its funny how somethings get to you eh?
Heaven doesn't want me, and Hell's afraid i'll take over
Chucky terrified me when I was little and now I still get creeped out by Michael Myers, but I love watching Halloween. Can't wait till Rob Zombies sequel comes out! Also, doctor Loomis is alive in the new one even though it seemed like Michael killed him. Rob Zombie put a bunch of photos of it on his myspace. lol
Hi Avengingangel, my brother whos 45 still is terrified from chucky too, to this day it freeks him, he even has nightmares that chuckys comming to get his two kids, i know i shouldnt laugh at this, but i do find it funny (sorry) we used to call my middle son Callum, chucky because he was so bad as a boy, sorry bout that too lol.
Heaven doesn't want me, and Hell's afraid i'll take over
I'd have to say, the movie that 'freaked me out' the most, would have to be Gothica... But like I said before, no movie has actually SCARED me.

The movies people tell me scared them the most are:

1 Exorsist
2 The Grudge
3 Changeling
4 Chucky (series)
and 5 Amityville Horror
I've never been scared by a horror movie but the one to creep me out the most was The Exorcist.
I get pretty creeped out...but I still watch some of them with my hands covering my face I peek thru my fingers... now my younger brother he's right into it .... he's sucking away on noodles while he watches guts getting cut out and all that other wacky stuff....
"I'm extraordinarily patient provided i get my way in the end." -Margaret Thatcher
"A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous." -Coco Chanel...

The original Alien scared the life out of me but the Exorcist was a close second.

I love Event Horizon the movie is the bomb , but I am gonna have to go with the classic Excorsist.
I dont think anyone has been able to touch that movie since it was made. The fact that it is based on actual events still gives me chills.

A haunting in Conneticut was very good , and I dont mean the movie I mean the reenactment that was on tv, I thought that was chilling. The movie for me just went over the top and added stuff that didnt happen.

Girl Next Door was very disturbing as well as based on true events.
Audition if you havent seen that is also VERY disturbing and considered by horror film makers to be one of the best.
Oh and if you say you arent scared by any movie, go ahead and watch Excorsist in the dark ...alone..
I want to have the house wired with cameras after that because I guaratee you ARE freaked out.. you dont have to admit it here, thats fine.. But I wont believe it.. lol

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