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Walk the Walk
So, I bought a ouija board. Not your hasbro variety. This one is made of birch plywood (I would have preferred actual wood, but that's pretty expensive for my budget), and is being shipped in from Russia. I've made the realization that a lot of people remain skeptics without any attempt to delve into the world of what belief in the paranormal entails. That's the reason for my purchase!

I'm going to go through a few sessions of ouija, and see what I get. At best, I converse with a spirit in my home. At worst, I get to better understand my subconscious and expectations of the practice. Why is the latter important? Well, when things are pointed out to you (even if it is by you), you can better learn how to correct any abrasive aspects of your personality/reasoning.

All in all, this can only be a positive result. Win-win, as usually described. This doesn't begin 20th xD Shipping from Russia apparently takes a bit. Anyways, I'll be looking into other things too. Wish me luck!

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