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Stand-in Machinery
So, I've noticed a few things, in relation to "ghost-hunting" tools. And I'll be honest, the game Phasmophobia sparked me looking into ghost-hunting tools xD.

It seems to me that a lot of the tools can be substituted by other things, which are much cheaper in cost and (can be debated to be) much more useful.

For instance, a lot of these EMF readers have to be in quite close proximity to whatever it's measuring. Doing some research, I found that some (not all) stud finders work on similar principles as emf readers. Since they operate through walls, they are generally better at their "job" than the emf readers out there, and usually come cheaper. Why cheaper? Well, I'm going to assume it's because they don't have the tag "ghost hunting tool".

What else? How about EVP recorder. It's a voice recorder. There's nothing special or difference about them. You can find the same "civilian" model, for close to 50-100 dollars cheaper at times. Because it isn't officially claimed to be a "ghost hunting tool", I suppose it takes money off it's price tag. The Zoom H4n 360 degree Audio Recorder is an industry standard for recording audio for sound effects xD. 

It's things like this that lead me to believe that the "ghost hunting" equipment is more of a cash-grab by people in the industry. Is it that you can substitute much higher quality gear for less, but risk the community telling you that it "won't work" because it isn't approved for ghost hunting?

The tool that I believe has the most chance of being picked up from all of these is the Spirit Box/Ghost Box. Essentially, it's an am/fm radio. Legit, it's just a hand-held am/fm radio with a scan function. However, a company has changed the speed of the scan function so that it moves faster or slower (I don't remember which), and comes with a built in speaker. Unlike the sound recorders, this requires no microphones. Still, if someone knew what they were doing, couldn't they just take a cheaper am/fm radio than the $90 modified one, and make their own?

Regular am/fm radios have a scan function that can stop when you press the button or finds a strong signal. Wouldn't the latter be better, once you find the frequency you're getting the phenomenon?

Anyways, I was just wondering if anybody had any insight on this. I've got a few friends that want to go out ghost hunting, and we've been looking at gear. I'm usually a person of function over branding, but it's clear that there are a lot of better options on the market (which people might not go for, because they aren't aware/think it would work for this purpose). We might just end up going with the gear shown in the game (since that's what they have as a reference). Not everybody is part of a site like this, how we all are xD

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