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Dream mother died at the time she actually died
This is my first foray into paranormal beliefs, I would normally write this sort of thing off with 'coincidence' or try to dismiss it in a very factual logical way. But this morning my dear mother passed away, she was elderly and had been in a care home for a few years, so it was not a shock at all, and probably the best place for her considering the rapid decline in her health recently. We were not especially close, I admit to not giving my family enough of my time, like many other adults I live quite far away from them. But anyway, this morning I had a dream where my mother appeared younger, looking nice but saying to me quite calmly she was going to die, and I was a a bit sad, that is really all I remember clearly. Then waking up around 8am  and thinking about the dream, and how it might reflect reality. Thought nothing more of it until I had a missed call from my brother around 1pm today, left a voicemail telling me she had passed. I was on my way to a beautiful place in the countryside with just my dog, and we had a lovely day, although with some mourning, crying, etc. But I was calm, as i said with a relative in a care home you hardly expect them to be around much longer. 

I ask for any replies to this discussion to show the utmost respect.  I am somewhat amazed by this dream, there was very little reason for it to be coincidence, and the timing was very close, as she passed this morning. Perhaps some things are better left unsaid, but what power exactly made me dream this in such a lucid way? I guess the physical link between mother and sibling is the closest bond, what unseen, unconscious bonds exist irrespective of space, or rather distance?  I feel very grateful for this dream, it was almost like mother was saying goodbye to me.  Rest in peace mum.

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