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Some introductory information about Thai Black Magic
Hmm let's see. Where do I start? If you have heard of Voodoo, then you can understand the subject better. In Hong Kong, black magic from Southeast asia is called Gong Tao. While in Malaysia, it is called Santau. In Indonesia it is called Santet.
If you do a search for "Movies" accompanied by (the Chinese words) of "Gong Tao", "Santau" or "Santet" , you can find a lot of horror movies online. But despite writing about Thai Black Magic here, I don't know what it's called in Thai. Icontexto-emoticons-01-032x032

As usual, Thai Black Magic is used to harm someone. The Black Magician who is a witch doctor or a shaman will have an altar where he/she worships his/her god. He will then pray to the god(or gods) to curse someone. The ritual will be accompanied by enchantments. A spirit(or spirits) which accompanies the witch doctor will be sent towards the living quarters of the intended target. If the witch doctor wants to harm the target, the spirit will head towards the target and transfer nails, hooks, hair or glass into the stomach of the victim. The victim will throw up said foreign objects from their mouths once in a while. It is said that all they need is a photo of the victim.
Santau practitioners can do that too but they acknowledge that Thai witch doctors are more powerful. While the Thais fear the Cambodian witch doctors.
Sometimes the witch doctors can send spirits to attach itself to the victim's bodies and cause havoc in their lives.
Thai witch doctors are also experts in handling worms and bugs (although Hong Kong cinema likes to portray Miao minority witch doctors as the real experts on worms). The usage of bugs and worms may actually not need much involvements of spirits. There may be some supernatural element in using worms and bugs but it may just be normal knowledge of studying the patterns and behaviour of the tiny creatures.

A witch doctor also knows how to handle concoctions of potions and lotions from animal parts. But one of the items that is used in Thailand to make someone (who doesn't love you) to fall in love with you is chin oil. Chin oil is extracted from the corpse of a dead woman by burning her chin and collecting the oil into a bottle. Then the user has to rub it on someone who he/she is in love with. Another ingredient of how women make men fall in love with them is a ritual involving her sweat dripping into rice which is then served to her target. In Malaysia it is done with menstrual blood.
And on to the subject of martial arts. Sometimes martial artists who want to be stronger or "invincible" dabble in black magic. In Malaysia and Indonesia, practitioners who also want to be invincible and immune to sharp objects also do the same but in their own forms of black magic. I guess that's all for today. If there is more info,I will post it here. Have a good day.

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