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Vivid symbol in my dream (medallon)
Hello everybody here,

I'm a very new user here.
After a search on Google, I decided to register here on this forum.
I will go straight to the point why I'm here.
It's about a dream I had around year 2000.
I don't know if it's 1999 or 2001 but it's around 2000.
I say dream but it's a not a dream because I was there for real.
Maybe a "lucid dream"? 
I would like to say that  I did a LOT of dreams in my life and a lot were paranormal.
So this is what happened in my dream,
I was in a prison cell around years 1750-1800. In fac, I dont know at all what year
that was, but I presume this was around 1800. I was in a cave with only an
opening with bars as a window on the outside. The outside looked like London or a city
in nothern Europe. As I said, the opening was smal with only 2-3 bars so it was
difficult to see.   The window was small only a few centimeters.
Maybe 15-20 cm. Now this is the main part.

Inside this prison cell, I was alone in this cave. But the dream was so lucid that
was incredible. So incredible, that even after 20 years (2000-2020)
I still remember each detail of the medallion.
So I was looking through the bars when suddenly I noticed that I was wearing a medallion
on my chest.  A kind of medallion in copper or brass. On this medallion, there was a sketch
embossed. I remember EXACTLY the emboss and the relief of the sketch.
When I realized that in my lucid dream, I slowly begin to waking up and the dream started to fade slowly
from there to reality in my bed. At the end of the dream, the sunlight was entering the cave trough the bars
and I woke up in my bed. At this moment, I knew that was not a normal dream.
I started to draw an identical reproduction of the medallion I saw.
And I kept the drawing on my computer since that time.
But now I think it's time to know what is that medallion.
So I will upload an image of that medallion.
Maybe you will be able to help me to find what is this.
At first I noticed three human faces. After that, I tell to myself,
this is maybe three candles, or three fingers of a hand.
After all that time, I think it's three faces. Maybe my family? friends?
I don't know.
I would like to say also, that I'm Canadian. I visited London in 2019 and I passed
trough tunnels of the old London  and there was a place where it was written :
"prison cells" or "jails" or something like that that has been in use in ancient time.
And the look and the mood of this tunnels remembered me the dream I had.
I dont expect that you see the exact replica of this medallion, because in fact
I dont know if this medallion exist in real life. It's a replica of my dream.
But as I said, that was not an ordinary dream. Not at all.

It seems that I cannot upload an image directly in the message
so I uploaded the image on Imgur and maybe you will have to right-click
and "open an image in new window"

 [Image: RtJ0fZM]

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