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Dark spirit attachment for 10 years
Hi everyone im new to this forum and this is my first post.

I just want to talk about what happened to me and see if anyone here can relate.

January 2010 I went on a skiing holiday with a friend. On the holiday I got really sick with a kidney infection but couldn't get an early flight home and my friend was useless so had to stay. He went out and left me in the room, I felt very strange and unsettled really started falling apart. Things got worse but doctors said I was fine apart from being sick. I started feeling more strange and very distressed. Everything started looking funny and not normal. I tried explaining this to my friend but he just laughed and said I was fine. When the holiday was finally over at the departure gate everything closed in on me l, felt like wrap speed from star trek, apparently this was a panick attack.
Was relieved to get home but things didn't get better. I started excessively rambling and was unable to sleep, everything felt closed in and very dark. The panic attacks and freaking out became constant. I couldn't be around anyone or go out not could I be left alone. Then I started hearing a voice in my head telling me to kill myself or cut my wrists. This repeated in my head 100's of times each day. One night when I couldn't sleep I actually put a knife to my wrists as the voice was so constant. I would have done it there and then but all the thoughts stopped so I put the knife away. Half an hour later it all started again.

As time went on everything kept getting worse and I became more disturbed. I never opened up to anyone as I was convinced I'd be put into a mental hospital. I was so terrified of everything and lost all joy in life. I had no idea why or what happened to me.

As the years went on I eventually found a hypnotherapist who helped a little but every day I would look at my wife n tell her I just wished I was dead. I'd never had any mental illness in my life before that holiday. 

There were many dark things happening around us. We had two tattoo studios as I tried to keep pushing myself, I found being constantly busy was the only way to help stop the thoughts. One day me and my wife went to work to find the bathroom had hundreds of fly's and no way they could have gotten in, this happened in both the studios, I remember thinking I was curs
 Apparently I threw my wife about 15 feet down our hall. One night I ran around the house trying to bite her and she had to lock herself in the bathroom. I remember none of these incidents.
Other strange things like lights turning on. Our dogs used to growl at the attic.

There are too many things to mention here.

Eventually I done a hypnotic regression where I described a dark force entity. Then I had to go to a shaman to clear the energy. I now see a holistic healer who can't believe how bad this has been even though she's had similar experiences herself. 
Its be 10 months since I eventually got to the bottom of it and I'm slowly retuning to normal. I was never into all this stuff before and it's hard getting my head around what caused me to be so deeply disturbed and crazy for all them long years of torture. I wouldn't still be here if it was for my wife and that I never wanted to kill myself...this was the worst kind on torture and it absolutely destroyed me!

Has anyone else any similar experiences as I know it happens but it's so outside of who I thought I was it's makeing me feei very isolated and alone. As most people I know would think this is crazy. Apparently it's because I had a gift for all this energy work stuff that's why it happened. Its just so out there for me and I'm hoping chatting to you guys might help. Thanks everyone for taking the time to read this.
I should add that at times I could feel a dark presence always behind my left shoulder. It felt like a demon which only made me think I was losing the plot even more. This always happened in mirrors.
Also I was seeing dark faces everywhere, people looked like demons to the point I was seriously contemplating blinding myself.
To me, sounds like somebody's trying to push their will on you, for whatever purpose. But I don't know.

Maybe I know how you feel, because I once felt something similar myself. Not really similar perhaps, but I think it's close enough. One thing for sure; I know how it feels to not be able to sleep at night because of unknown fear overwhelmingly clutched my mind. I know how it feels of sometimes having the feeling of being sick to be around other people, up to the point I'd just almost fainted, because whatever noise I've heard, including the sound of talking people just got into my head and I'd feel the world around me started to spin. Yet at the same time, I couldn't stay away from other people because the thoughts of being alone scared me even more.

More than once I felt such a desperation as to why do I have to live with such condition, since I felt weaker than I used to be.

Well, at least I know what happened to me; some years ago I've been hit by santet (just google it, and you'll understand). Point is, I was facing somebody who was forcing his will to make me disappear from this world and he was using paranormal way to do so.

It was at one night around 21.00 pm that I was suddenly felt that I've got really sick to the point where my consciousness was slipped in and out constantly at the time, all without warning, since until a minute before I was fine and alright. I was unable to think clearly in such condition, but my instinct told me it wasn't something normal, what happened to me. Also by instinct, I felt I had to fight it, but with my consciousness slipped in and out constantly,  I just couldn't do it.

At that moment I knew I just had to ask for help. I still remember that I was incapable of speaking properly with my condition at the time, so all I could have done was sending a messy text to my master by mustering all the consciousness I've got left in me, hoping he'd understood the meaning of the text and rush to my aid.

After that, I guess I was passed out, and awakened in the next couple of seconds by an incoming text on my phone. I read it, it was from my master, he sent some instructions for me to do while he'd try to help me from afar because there wasn't enough time for him to come to my house (there's a 80 to 90 km distance from my house to his).

With all the strength I've got left, I managed to do all of the instructions he gave me before I was finally lied down on my room's floor with my consciousness faded away and everything went dark. I still remember that I've then had some strange dream at the time, like quick flashes of my life, and I thought it was the end of me.

But, I suddenly woke up at around 11.00, 2 hours after it was all started. My consciousness remained even after I've been opening my eyes for a minute or two. I didn't feel better, but I didn't feel worse either, since I also felt  there was no energy left in me, so I had to fight hard to get up from the floor and crawl up to my bed, and then tried to inform my family members by text altough they were staying at the same house with me, since I didn't have enough energy to say a thing, let alone to yell or scream for help.

I also took the chance to inform my master about my condition. In his reply, he expressed how relief he was to hear it and informed me that I was hit by santet, luckily, I was able to text him in time so he managed to neutralize the santet, otherwise I might have left this world already. He told me to rest and assured me he'd shield me for as long as it's necessary in case there'd be another incoming, and that he'd also not rest until he's got to the bottom of it since it made him furious to find out there was such a vicious attack aimed at me.

And that was it, I had to spend almost 4 weeks in bed to recuperate afterward, and even after 4 weeks I still felt weak like my energy would never restored as it used to be. It took me longer to be able to walk properly again, but still, I felt weak. I guess the incident traumatized me so to the point I'd feel my fear gets the best of me very often since a slight similarity in terms of feeling some certain sensations like what I've felt when the santet hit me was enough to made me cower in fear and felt sick again. I was scared of almost anything; from enclosed room to the slight change in temperature. It all made me unable to rest properly.

Exhaustion due to the lack of rest then led to another thing; noise sensitivity, where I'd often felt sick and my emotions went wild on the presence of other people and they were talking or doing their activities around me, yet I was too scared to stay away.

Lucky for me, I've been learning pranormal spirituality for years under my master, and the first thing he taught me in this field is to control my emotions since paranormal will get to us through our mind, thus I've managed to remain calm (almost) all the time although it'd cost me too much energy in the end. I also knew all the fears were only on my mind so I was also trying hard to fight them all at once and it costed me even more energy.

To help me, my master has been 2 years now sent some herbal medications for me to take regularly; and he also has done some energy cleansing on me whenever necessary. I' still taking the herbal medications to this day, because herbal medications are slow to take effect.
And now I'm feeling better, I say way better than I was 2 years ago in terms of energy recuperation. Still, I have to admit that fighting the trauma is the hardest part in my case. It's true that I feel way better now, but the fear still gets the better of me sometimes although it isn't as often and as bad as it used to be.

Well, that's a little story of mine, it was one heck of the scariest night I've had in my life if I may say.... Never again I'd like to go through something like that...

And upon reading your post, somehow I feel that you've been through something almost similar with what I've been through myself but in your case you didn't seem to fully realize what has actually happened (you knew you've been attacked somewhat, but you didn't know from where the attack(s) was or were originated and what it actually was), all you knew you felt the effect of it. From the flies you've found on the bathroom, I also get this strong feeling that something nasty could have been following you around. When you're facing an attack such as this, for as long as you can endure it, anything or anyone else around you will also get affected, one way or the other, thus, taking precaution to protect your wife is also actually necessary in my opinion.

I'm actually wondering as to what the shaman and the holistic healer told you about your case; a dark entity won't just follow you around, unless it has a strong reason for it-like, somebody told it to, like in my case, for example.

And if what you said is true, that you have a gift, it's even more unlikely a dark entity would just following you around for having fun alone since a gift will usually come with it's own defensive mechanism, in other word, although you don't realize you have it, you'd still have a stronger barrier than any average persons without gift no matter what.

I know, entities are mostly attracted to those with gifts, but again, without a strong reason, they won't just randomly whispering in your head to take your own life so to say. I can say it's something of another level, if you know what I mean, it's something more serious than just playing around.

It's just like what my master taught me and also from my own experience, each paranormal occurence will need something as a trigger for it to happen in the first place. In your case, I wonder what was the trigger?

If they haven't told you anything about it, maybe you should consider to ask them. It's your right to know. Keep in mind however, be careful in asking and don't push your way for a definite answer. There're boundaries in this kind of thing that you can't just cross as you like.
And ask them to give you something to hold on to as protection if you can, like amulet or something-for your wife as well.

Btw, welcome to the forum. And I'm sorry if there're some typho here since my English isn't that good and my old stubborn keyboard is also acting up on me, hahaa...
Thanks for replying. I had no interest in any of this stuff hence it took ten years to figure out. Totally destroyed me. The shaman asked about black magic but it was an dark force attachment. Think that as I was really sick and in a vulnerable way that's how it got in. Only since seeing the reiki healer have I learned I've got gifts in this psychic stuff. Just all very new and overwhelming. I really appreciate you sharing. I think I need to learn a bit about energy so I can protect myself and my wife too. Like I said I'm healing well but it's taken a long time and obviously I'm still stressed as I know very little about this stuff.Thanks again
Hey there JJ, (and also MaCan Big Grin )

I sent JJ a PM reply, because a lot of these things are definitely personal in nature (especially the specifics as to what could work for individual people). You'll definitely find a lot of resistance as to the actual opinions of other people, in relation to whether or not what you're going through is supernatural. BUUUUT, there is something that holds true through skeptics and believers alike. Head-space.

What I mean by that is: If you are looking to better your situation by learning more about energy, head-space and emotional stability is important. If you are looking to tap into shamanistic rituals and the like, head-space and emotional stability is important. What is the best way to resist the advances and pressure by dark entities? Positivity and proper head-space, is your best defense.

Skeptics would say that it's all in your head, and that the best way to make these things disappear is to go and get professional help. Which: Is all about putting you in a better head-space to deal with your issues and problems.

Say whatever you like, but I think that working on your personal issues (relationships, dealing with economic stresses, etc) is going to be how you lift yourself out of the mire. Hopefully you take this to heart. I didn't get a reply from you, so I figured you didn't read it. Decided to post here.
Hi I didn't see the personal message. I agree but when I had that I had no control over my thoughts nor was I able to get head space or peace of any kind. I'd never had a mental health problem in my life and now the energy is gone I'm returning to normal. Trust me I tried everything as DfE is something I would never have considered before. I've had 3 different expert opinions and like I said I'm not debating what happened just wanted to chat n see if anyone else had similar experiences. I also had no personal issues until this happened. Thanks
Regardless, it still stands that the best way to try and resist negativity such as this or anything in life, is to make sure to foster good head-space. Even if you were unable to before, if you find yourself able to now, I'd highly recommend it.

But if all you want to do is chat, I'll leave you to it. That's a different story. I'm here to relate, but I'm also here to see if people need help trying to resolve problems. I do my best to make sure it's in a way that is respectful of beliefs. At any rate, chat away!

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