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Can someone explain me this!!!!?
I decided to go to sleep last night it was past midnight but i couldnt seem to conceal my sleep, when i finally did i had a dream that was horrendous for my expirience.....
I was help captive in a camp kinda place which at the same time i felt like i was there helping but they didnt let me go when it was time to go to pick my kids from school, so randomly a couple that i work with in current life appear and they say they had my daughter and they were gonna take her to their house for safety i wasnt pleased cuz i wanted to take her with me but i was OK cuz i knew she was gonna be taken care of....she was 11 in my dream (same as life) and then i couldnt get in touch with no one to get my boy he was only 6 in my dreams (as in life) but i didnt know nothing about him i didnt know if he was OK if he was safe or anything , then my dreams starts to get blurry and all i remember after that is asking a good friend about him cuz she used to pick him up from school before in real life but i really cant remember what was said.......then suddenly i woke up uncomfortable  with pain in my chest and hard to take deep breath, i was really thirsty too......i check on both of my babies and they were soundly sleeping in bed but i felt like my heart was super heavy!!!! And then i went immediately back to sleep!!! I cant stop thinking about it!!!! I never dream when i do it always means something but its always confusing and i think because it was my kids i feel more overwhelmed than usual........does anyone can tell me what they think this means....please!!!!!!
Honestly, if you were having a difficulty in focusing to get any concealment done ahead of time, I think this is just a classic case of your mind unpacking the stresses and concerns of the day (which you may or may not have been suppressing). It wasn't something start simply started in the dream, it was something that had you distracted ahead of time. You should take your time to pick apart the concerns of your day/week. This entire COVID thing has been tending to leave a lot of people to feel impotent. It could just be an iteration of that.

As long as your quarantining, according to the rules of your state/province, you shouldn't have anything to worry about just yet. Take your time, spend more time with your kids, and you will probably have much better sleeps.

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