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Vision that came true.
Hello everyone. I will try not to make this too long. 2 years ago I went to the doctor because I felt very very tired. He found a lump in my throat and sent me for an ultrasound guided biopsy. Three nights before my doctors appointment I had an interesting, most vivid dream I have ever had. 

In my dream I was looking at my doctors computer and it had my results on the screen. It said, Hurthle Cell Carcinoma.  I text my mother in the morning and told her about my dream and what the results were. She went with me to my doctors appointment and he came in and told me the results are Hurthle cell carcinoma.  

There is no way I could have known this. It's a rare form of cancer I've never heard of. My mother still has the text, so there is proof I knew this before my appointment.  

I have no idea what this means if anything. Does anyone know anything about things like this please?
Considering you're a nurse, it could be something coincidental based on your memories in your line of work.

In spiritual perspective, it could have been something that some people called 'premonitory dream'. Thing is, it's not that simple to get such a dream, let alone a very detailed one, especially when it comes to a specific name, for example. I know because premonitory dream isn't something unfamiliar in my people's spirituality concept, and I've had some premonitory dreams myself, but mostly it happened because I was very curious about something and so I 'asked' for it, but of course, it requires me to do something first before I'd get a premonitory dream-some sort of ritual, so to speak.
That's very interesting.

I'm no authority on things like this, but I've read quite a few accounts of "spiritual" diagnoses and many different kinds of spiritual healing. You could take it as an indication of your faith, if you'd like. There is also a fair bit of research that the human body is able to diagnose, heal, and even make itself ill based on belief. It's pretty extraordinary.

If the second part is true then how did you know it was that particular form of cancer. I can only conjecture. Maybe you had read the term, still knew it subconsciously, but didn't remember it consciously. The dream was your subconscious telling your conscious mind what you had.

Or maybe not. You can probably conjecture better than I can.

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