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What the dadgum should i do? I have an haunted book PLEASE HELP
A couple of mounts ago, I bought a book form local store that sells old used stuff. The book didn't have much in formation on it. It looked pretty old and it did not have an print date on it. So i checked online. And it said it was made in 1894. So i began reading it. It was a pretty good book. But with many references to suicide. But after i had read it and kept it on my bookshelf for a bit. Things started happening. Now i see shadow beings every night and i feel like am being watched. And i hear voices. And i even sometimes see weird Damon hands trough my window. WHAT THE dadgum should i do? Is this book cursed? Please help And today i took the book to school to see what it would do. It Totally messed up my day. AND it began to form the words in the book to try me to get me to commit SUICIDE  Please help. The book is called (det forsvunnede testament) its an Norwegian book Here is a pic of it

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