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when I was very young ,maybe 8 years old,I am not sure. I lived at my aunt‘s home with a another girl,we always play together. that day ,it was getting dark and she don’t want go home,then we sleep together with my aunt.i wake up I guess it’s midnight,I always wake up at midnight,I could hear they were snoring,and i just try to kick them as fun,but they never wake up,snoring ..after a while I heard someone knocking the door,with an women’s voice,”xxx ,can you open the door”,it’s a normal voice ,she knock maybe few times ,suddenly,I had a reaction “wait,how could she know my infant name ,and she seems know what I am thinking,then she laughed with a very weird and horrible voice”xxx,open the door,xxx open the door,”.  I was totally reacting to myself,I cried out so loudly then they wake up,and the voice disappeared,I asked if they heard the voice or not,they just pat my shoulder ,give me a reason that’s I was just dreaming. 

But I. Know I was awake

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