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something was trying to interact with me
I have been experiencing these paranormal things from many years.

I will say some. When i was 15, i was studying at around 3 am because i have a exam the next day.. I heard the sound of anklets in increasing frequency.. the sound increased, it stopped at my window. My mother was sleeping beside me so I was not too afraid. Then I heard knocks on that glass of the window.. like they are knocking thrice .. in rhythm and continuing the same. I froze.. but i did not remove my eyes from my book. after 2 minutes or so, i listened that the sound of anklets was it was moving away. That happened in another building .. now, we moved away from there. it was like a group house. our neighbours used to tell that they had some paranormal experiences too.. like something was coming, talking to them . 

Before some years, I was in my room with the door closed. i did not lock it .. but just closed the door. at 12 am the door was opened slowly.. like a person would open it slowly. I was freaked out.. ran out. The entire house was dark expect my room at that time. 

and I happen to listen  sounds of  anklets now too at night.. once in a while. they continue for a time of 20 minutes maximum. once, i thought may be i was imagining things..i thought..if i occupy myself with something.. it would continue still  then i can believe it. I started reading something.. after something i could hear it again. 

when i say these things irl, people call me delusional and ask why they are not experiencing it.. i have no answer to that. if i get called a insane person for experiencing these things.. so be it. 

my grandma too experiencing these things the same way as me.

and the other thing is this. I was religious before a while.. i was a christian.. not now anymore. sometimes, when i open the bible.. i would get the similar things that i was experiencing. I was happy in my faith at that time. and later too.. when i stopped having faith in the religion, I was thinking a lot about some crap in my life.. I opened the bible.. and i read almost a page.. the same , the same situation in my life. i don't think thats coincidence .. I have had some incidents in my life which were by coincidence but its not. I felt.. something was trying to talk with me. 

and before a while.. i used to wake up between 2 and 3 30am .. like i used to feel someone woke me up and i used to hear the sound of anklets.. I woke up at 3 30 am continuously for some days..
this is a huge problem i have.. nightmares. Sometimes, i used to wake up to a nightmare.. sleep again only to wake up terrified from another nightmare. I used to cry that i am haunted with nightmare.. used to be afraid to sleep for the rest of the night. I assume.. these nightmares has less do with paranormal thing.. i just shared it here. 

what i want to know is.. is someone trying to interact with me or to make their presence known or ..whatever it is.

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