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Childhood Experiences Seem To Be Common..
That being said, I've got a childhood experience that I'd like some input on!

I was, probably about 7-8, real young, when a being of pure light came in through the wall with my window on it as a kid. I was waiting for my mom to come back from getting me a glass of water for going to bed, and this thing just showed up out of nowhere. I remember that it felt like time stopped, and everything felt grey. I was terrified and focused on the being, but I wanted to hide from it all at the same time. I couldn't get my mind off of it, and I couldn't ignore its presence. I hid behind a pillow and started crying, and it spoke to me. I couldn't hear it over my own tears.
At the end of its, I suppose 'Speech', it said "Do you understand?" clear as day.
Still sobbing, I went "Understand what? You're scaring me! Go away!"
"I can't go away unless you agree."
"If I agree, you'll leave?"
"Okay! Then leave! I agree! I just want you gone and I never want to see you again!"
And then it left as soon as it appeared. I touched my face and it was dry, like I hadn't just been sobbing my eyes out in terror only seconds before. It felt like it had been a really long time during that being's visit. I was still hugging my pillow. My mom came in about five minutes later, implying that it showed up almost as immediately as when she had left the room.
Some have said it sounds like an angel encounter, but I have no idea what kind of angel would pressure a small child into some sort of agreement without knowing consent.
All of that being said, given the whole story, what do you think it was that I saw?
If I were to try and understand what it was I agreed to, what would be the first steps to take?
What should I do about something like this?
I'm completely lost in the world of the spiritual, so I'm looking for input from anyone who might understand the situation better than me.

I've been told this enters into a more spiritual realm closer to "Angels and demons" than "Ghosts", so I figured I would post here. Please let me know if I've posted in the wrong channel though.

- Gamma

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