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How to banish a "black swarm" negative entity attachment?
I have a problem with a negative entity attachment so here is a run down. I live in Ukraine as a permanent resident from Australia.

I have tried to find a history of this flat we live and unfortunately it is not possible to do this. I was built in the 1960 roughly and it is not possible to glean any historical information. I had my wife bring her Ukrainian Orthodox priest to bless the flat, it did not work, I have used Sage smudge stick, they did not work. Salt seems to work, to get if off, but if it is angered it can withstand even the salt, it seems the salt is like something it avoids, but it's only table salt.

It does not speak, intially when I thought there was a ghost and acknowledged its presence I used the computer and asked it to tap me when my finger was on the right letter over the key board as I passed along the rows slowly in google translate from cyrillic to english and it just seemed to be random letters but eventually after a long string of random letters some messages appeared.  

Firstly it seemed to agree when I asked if it was my dead wife’s mother. The next day the message was 'I have to come clean I am a little girl" but strangely before that message came out of the random letters "I am an evil old man" was momentarily displayed. Also "I am a good judge off character was displayed" (So as to chose someone in trauma and depressed to attach to ?).

I jave never seen anything except a swarm of what looks like black dust, but it is not like a black smoke monster on TV. It's very sparse and not a thinly spread out swarm. It also manifests physically on my body when I take a shower as black dots all over my feet when I take a shower, My feet to me look black, the more angry I make it, the blacker it looks on me.

Communicating with it was a big mistake to start with. I spent a few months abusing it and it didnt like that calling it "maggot" and other things. The more I fight back the more it reciprocates. It seems to shudder when I slam by back hard into the couch as if it is hurt or just hates that.

Going out in the sunlight it fades away to nothing after maybe half an hour. but it hides in the shadows I guess as when I get home it is there on my back as usual. I want to get a witch ot bind it to an object and banish it butt my wife refuses to help me as she is very religous. This thing when I am at the religious corner with her is mocking all this by letting me know its behind me as I can feel fingers touching me. 

Over the last year it has been with me it has gotten more harmful to me. It started out with a feeling of a needle being stuck in my back constantly. When I told it that was annoying all it did was increased this. But after months of me ignoring this (I put up with the pain) it seemed to fade away, faintly there, but every few days flaring up a bit to remind me I guess.

After a month or so it came back, it had never really gone away and was on me but semi-dormant. 

I can use will power to some extent to minimise it's effects. but today I got a haircut and in the hairdressers looking at the mirror my face was covered in this black “swarm” I could be hallucinating but I have up drinking and also have tried to be less negative.

This all started after my father died in 2013 and the inheritance, then my mother who had re-married 30 years ago and whom I trusted back stabbed me to cut a long story short.

This caused a serious health problem for me and depression and then when the boxes of my property arrived from Australia it seemed to manifest not long after that.

One off the boxes of computer stuff like USB sticks had all this strange semi-oily residue on it. I think it may have travelled out from Australia to here and not be a Ukrainian entity, it only seems to know english, not Russian or Ukrainian (it had no clue how to make words in cyrillic using google translate)

I need to get this thing banished. I can use will power to survive but what of my physical health over time, coinciding with this thing a few months before it appeared was intense pain in my ankles, knees and arm, but strangely, the pain would be in my ankle one week, then it would be the knees, then tone ankle, then the other, it moved around. That is very unusual and seems to indicate that this thing is the cause.

I was probably on me months before it "made itself known to me" so to speak. It may have even been with me for years causing a lot of problems.

It seems to  either hate or be attracted to porn, being a guy I only watch lesbian porn, that makes it more active again. I have come to the conclusion it's a succubus, but what is this black swarm entity that obviously hates me ?

The thing is porn or no porn, it is there and I would like to finally get rid of this thing as the situation I think is now serious. I am convinced it is causing a decline in my health and now the other day I experienced excruciating pain in my hand and arm and it is obviously causing this as I have not injured it and I could feel it swarming over my arm but when I covered where the pain was it stoped for a minute till it crawled back under there.

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