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Psychic Attack or OBE? Any suggestions? Thank you.
Yesterday night I woke up being paralyzed and I had these weird sensations in my chest. For some reason I got the feeling that I was being attacked by a psychic entity, so I tried to shield myself as best as I could. I tried focusing my energy to create a shield and try to remove whatever was disturbing me. No matter what I did, I still couldn’t move, it was terrifying. And for some odd reason images of the occult kept popping in my mind. I had read some occult books the previous day, but these were new things I have never seen before. Demonic images, people dancing around fires, ritual ceremonies etc, which left me totally confused. I couldn’t even open my eyelids as I was forced to watch these things happen in front of me. I was determined to win, and to fully awaken. I started getting scared. Finally, for no obvious reason I jumped up and was free of this struggle. I was really freaked out. It all felt so real, like I was there, like I experienced it firsthand. Was this some kind of dream, an attack from someone or something? I couldn’t find the answers so I started asking around various places, and posted on an occult forum. But maybe talkparanormal has better answers here. Is this how an OBE feels like? What do you guys think it was? Please help me.
Thank you in advance,
Your experience has the classic symptom of sleep paralysis. More specific you experienced a hypnopompic event. It's not that uncommon and nothiing to be too concerned with unless you have recurrent bouts.

A short description can be found here.

Look further for a more definitive explanation. Wikipedia is often supplied by user submissions and requires further research typically for more advanced accuracy in descriptions.

FWIW- I had my share of hynagogic and hynopompic experiences throughout my lifetime. It most certainly has a mundane explanation.
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