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I have a question about a recording I left going whilst I was at work
I left my Voice recorder (dictophone) recording whilst I was at work as my mother and I have been having some things happening, whilst in the recording every 30 seconds there would be a very short stabbing static noise for about 15 mins then nothing for about 10 mins then again about every 30 seconds, there was nobidy touching it as my mother can not get up the stairs due to disablility.

any idea why this would be happening? there is no reason that I can find for this, it was at the very top of our stairs on the bannister.

the static doesnt even last 1 second but is very loud and sudden.

could this be the start of possible EVP? it doesnt help that me mother had the TV whilst recording it but I find it incredibly odd that it happens, to me it seems like the static sharp noise of a walkie talkie if that makes sense

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