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Organised ghost hunt-unsure if some of it was staged
Hi, I have posted this on another forum but had no response so thought I’d try here.

On Saturday night I went on a organised ghost hunt with my sister and her partner. It was at a local manor that has lots of history. 
Now I am a bit of a sceptic but also a little freaked about the unknown. We arrived and waited in this big room and were put into groups, there was a lady who was placed with us who had been on a ghost hunt last month and she mentioned that she had experienced something but would not give anymore info. This made me think especially as she had asked to go with a certain group leader!! 
So we set off and headed to this room. We were not told anything about the rooms or any history on the house and were told to just explain how we felt or if anything felt strange or we experienced anything. This woman then started getting a bit OTT by saying she felt pain and sickness. So immediately my scepticism is increased. I told the group leader and he said he was sceptical.
Anyway we then walked to this other room and as we walked through I smelt this scent and I asked my sister if she smelt it and she said it smelt musty, to me it was a spicy fragrant smell (aftershave). We arrived in this room and looked around and looked in a priest hole and as I walked back in to the main part of the room I felt this weird sensation in my tummy and started to cry (not full on I just felt a little emotional) the feeling went quite quickly. We then all formed an energy circle and while in this circle I experienced a light touch on my leg and back of hand, a pain in my butt cheek that I had never experience before, a pain shoot up my leg and the whole time this scent smell kept coming and going (it wasn’t anyone around me as I asked to smell them) and my sister then smelt it and it would be really strong behind her at some points. It was just strange. The group leader wanted me to stay in the room on my own which just wasn’t happening so he agreed to stay with me. The lady mentioned early then got all dramatic again and stayed with us as she said she felt compelled to look out a window! It was then explains that abortions use to be performed in that room (explained th tummy pain which made me go ok maybe there is something?)
Other things went on but it wasn’t until we went to the cellar and they used an SLS camera that then I was beginning to think just maybe there is such a thing as ghost. The camera picked up a stick image and I did record it on my phone as I found it fascinating. Can those SLS cameras be faked? I’m happy to try and post my video if I can figure how to!
we then went into an attic and at this point the lady was getting on my nerves and I was beginning to think she was an actress as she was just so dramatic and it felt staged. We got separated from her and ended up in another part where a rem pod was placed. We tried an energy circle and glass on table to communicate but nothing. The rem pod then went crazy! It was reset and a cat ball was also placed in there and that went off. It was a small room and at the time no one was in there. Because we screamed when the pod went off the others joined us and all the woman were asked to sit in this little room and talk filthy as the spirit apparently liked breasts. The lady said she felt her bum pinched. Unlikely as she was tucked up in a corner with her back to the wall!!!! But the more filthy  we spoke the rem pod started to go off and then went crazy! Again I have a video of the rem pod going off the first time.
I’m still unsure at what happened and just want to know could the rem pod and SLS be faked? I can’t explain the smell I smelt as once we left that room I never smelt it again. My husband thinks it could have been his grandfather and is keen for me to smell the aftershave he wore to see. 
Thanks for reading if you got this far.
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Rem Pods can be triggered by two way radios and a host of other items.
The sls another bit of snake oil that has been explained when looked at skeptically. Many of these ghost hunts are to make money so you can expect the woo to be pushed. Try googling the name of the place and add fake or hoax.
The smell one smelled a musty smell, mold? You could of experienced phantosmia, you associated a familar smell. Also a large crowd? So stray smells?

Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.
I only smelt it in this one room and I never smelt it again. It kept coming and going and like I said I did smell the people closest to me (no shame as I was trying to find a logical reason.) it did smell musty.
The manor we went to is steeped in history and known as one of the most haunted places locally.

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