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A few questions
1.Can you meet the christian god in a lucid dream or obe? smiley
2.Can you switch bodies with a close friend just for fun?While both being out of body at the same time? smiley
3.Is there such think as astral rape?!Scary thought!Sad
4.Can you lucid dream a near death experience?And how real would it feel?
5.Why do we need reincarnation? huh
6.Is it possible to be possessed by a demon out of body?!Sad
7.What does lucid dream sex feel like with a dream character?
8.Can you prove your soul is forever with lucid dreaming and out of body experiences?
9.How do you meet your spirit guide or guardian angel?
10.How do you see the silver cord?
11.What is the most fun thing to do in a lucid dream or an obe?
12.Can you posses someone else's body?Because i read in a book called far journeys you could!Scary stuff!Sad
13.If the silver cord breaks do you die right there on the spot? undecided
14.Can you wake up in someone else's body?Because i read a book i mentioned earlier called far journeys by a man named robert monroe that you can!!! undecided shocked 
15.Can you go out of body and put post hypnotic suggestions into your head with astral magic and put yourself into a coma(a lucid dream one) and live like that until you die(the death of your body? undecided huh i think i read this one on a site about different powers for different people.Like people like the x-men.
16.Can you meet a doppelganger of yourself out of body? undecided
17.What is the most scary thing to experience while lucid dreaming or out of body? undecided
18.What is astral sex like?
19:Can you go to heaven,hell,or purgatory? [Image: ei?] 
20.How does astral time travel work?And does it work at all? [Image: ei?]
1. Idk. Maybe. Never seen something that looks like a 'god' before.
2. Maybe. But your soul should only recognize your own body, so most likely something else needs to be done in order to do so if it's possible at all. Not recommended, it's a privacy invasion even after you two agreed to switch body in the first place. Besides, stop treating or thinking spirituality like or as a toy, it's not.
3. Idk. Maybe. Never tried it. It's a crime nonetheless doesn't matter how you did it.
4. So far I know; no.
5. Do wee need it? I don't think I need it. 1 lifetime is more than enough for me.
6. Yes, but a demon isn't the only thing that can do that. Even positive entity like our own guardian can possess us when it's necessary.
7. Like real, but not recommended. You live in a real world with real people instead with dream chars.
8. No.
9. By being guided by a master. Without guidance, you might mistaken a demon as a guardian, believe me you don't want it.
10. Don't recall ever seen one.
11. For me; nothing, it's not for fun, it's always been for defensive purpose.
12. Maybe. Not recommended, it's a (again) privacy invasion. To possess a person, you'd have to overwhelm his mental defense first, and it can be considered as an act of hostility against that person.
13. See #10. So I don't even know how it can be broken. But if there's a silver cord and it can be broken anyway, I'd just assume that your soul will be lost between dimensions instead of dying, if the cord breaks. What will happen to your physical body, however, is another tale.
14. As far as I can tell; no. See #2. Each soul has been assigned to a certain body. To break it is the violation of natural law.
15. No. You have a physical body for a certain reason; to live with it for as long as it meant to be instead of without it. And all I know is; there's no such thing like different powers for different people. These so called 'abilities' came as a whole generic package for those with the proper right to master it.
16. No. You might see your twins, but not doppleganger. You might only see doppleganger when you're inside of your physical body. Twins and doppleganger are two different things.
17. To see your body laying down motionless below you; it might distort the reality for you as to whether or not you're still 'alive'.
18. Idk. Never had one; I've never used it to indulge my own fantasies for some certain reasons; but mainly there're boundaries you shouldn't cross in the first place.
19. Maybe, under the right circumstances.
20. Idk. I've heard about inter dimensional travel instead of time travel.

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