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question about my method for lucid dreaming
I usually got to sleep in three minutes.So i set my phone to go of every minute.Separately.To get to the hypnagogic state more easy.Do you think this will work?
I am going to pray and pray for God to send me an answer.Of when i should go ahead with my method.
Why no replies?Sad
I didn't reply because I have no answer for your question. I only dream lucidly by chance and have never done it by intent.

Subject: I have a black cat.
Believer: Black cats are bad luck.
Non-believer: It's just a cat.
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There are apps out there that will take you through that type of sleep deprivation, in order to try and trigger lucid dreaming. Here's something I've found, if you have what's called a sleep debt, it is much more difficult to trigger a lucid dream. It normally takes about 90 or so minutes to enter a REM sleep. If you fall asleep in 3 minutes, you have a sleep debt. Your best bet would be to resolve that (just google sleep debts to understand a little more, and then work to resolve it), and then work on the partial sleep deprivation that is required to trigger a lucid dream.

I've tried multiple methods, but nothing worked better than just getting proper good sleep for a few days and then having a go at the intermittent wake-up calls. Also good ways to induce a lucid dream (but bad in the sense of it can get out of control pretty quickly, and also just lead to nightmares lol): eating before bed, but specifically cheese, spicy foods. Many of these things can help trigger certain chemical secretions in the brain that lead to more activity while asleep. This can lead to a better chance of entering a dream that you will be aware of. At that point, your checkins/wake-up calls could pull you into a state of being aware that you are in the dream, and you can take control of it from there.

Other ways you could trigger those, that I don't suggest are: hallucinogens, smoking before bed (could starve your brain of oxygen and that causes some fun things while you are asleep), certain teas are made using herbs that will induce the same secretions as many of the other foods listed above.

If you have any other questions, feel free to PM me. I've managed to induce it once or twice, because I'm a crazy person. However, now I just love and respect my sleep too much to do it again hahaha (also I have a massive sleep debt that I'm only beginning to whittle away.)

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