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Help with Raudive circuit/schematic
Hello all,

I just need a little help, I'm trying to make a device for EVP based on Raudive's circuit, it's 'Diagram 1' in this picture.

I've done some research in finding the best replacement parts, and am using a 1N34A germanium diode. The one thing I'm unsure of is the copper coil, and I feel that this may be an obvious question, but I have no one else to ask!

How many 'coils' should this have? And should it be coiled around something like a magnet? And if so, what size should this be?

I've done some tests, but am getting nowhere. I can't even get a sound...

Any help much appreciated!!

[Image: Konstantin-Raudive-Diode.jpg?w=1000]

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