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New Place - unexplained sounds
So my family and I moved in to a nice little duplex about 2 months ago.  It wasn't until last week when we kept hearing noises only when everyone was asleep and the lights are off.  We would and still hear an object dropping on our hardwood floor followed by a dragging sound.  If you could have a mental picture it would be the equivalent of a heavy ball or rock fall... ( no bounce) then it being dragged along the floor.  The second strange sound is footsteps, we would hear footsteps loud and clear walking outside our windows then the sound would come from inside our house.  Since its a duplex we thought it might be our neighbor but we have looked outside and see nothing.  

One interesting thing is that we heard these noises ever since we moved in, but honestly didn't pay too much attention, rather... no attention at all as me and my wife would be too tired after putting the kids to bed.  We have now been hearing these sounds more often, or at least they have our attention.  These events happen every night as soon as we all go to bed and the lights are out. 

I would like anyone to share in or comment and ideas or suggestions that I can do to find out if its a legit haunting or if im just over-thinking. 

First of all, welcome to the forum

And concerning your story and question...

It's quiet simple to know actually, but I don't recommend you to do it.
Next time you hear strange things again, tell it to stop-loudly. If it stops and never to happen again, then maybe you're just over-thinking it. But if it doesn't stop and even get worse, well... Smile

Simple, but like I said; I don't really recommend it, especially if you have your full family with you, because if it trully is paranormal occurence, it can be dangerous for you all if you try it.

You can also go with the suggestions to set up surveillance cameras or voice recorders if you think it's necessary. It's not that I against it, but I don't really see what you hope to achieve by doing so if you're not into the so called ghost hunting thing; even if you managed to capture an image or sound of something alien, are you sure it won't bother you even more? It's like they always said; the more knowledge you have, the more burden you'll place on your shoulders. It's okay if you're okay with it tho...

As for myself, I have to admit that it'd be troublesome for me to do that, I'd rather go a more simple way and let them do whatever they wish in the dark as long as they don't touch me or any member of my family. If they make any 'acceptable' noises during the night, then perhaps it's a good thing too; they tell you not to sleep too tight because something terrible might happen if you do. Besides, they have their own business to attend to too, after all - we share space with them, it can't be helped. But ya, I have my own protection,if you ask me.

I'm saying this because you don't seem to be afraid and seem to be rather laid back on this situation, which is good imo. If it's something frightening or disturbing for you on the other hand, it'd be another story; you can try to cleanse your house, which sometimes won't work at all, or you can move into a new place that has a more suitable and comfortable atmosphere for you and your family.

Me too, once heard something big and heavy fell on the wooden floor during the night in my place btw (sounded like somebody big fell over the wooden floor hard), but there was nothing I could see there although it was all bright with all lamps on. It was around 4 years ago during a midnight and it scared me as well upon hearing the loud sound, I must admit, because I was still wide awake at the time - I'm such a night owl. But then I just let go of it, and I'm just doing fine now, still staying at the same place. So that'd be my conclusion in this matter; that most people got hurt because of their own way of thinking and doing in paranormal.

My opinion only, that is...
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Thank you for your input, I really appreciate another point of view on this. Just to give you an update: We had been ok with the amount of noises , thus being the foot steps and the ball dropping and drag. I want to add that we did talk to our next door neighbor and told us no one had died in our home, but that he also would hear the ball drop and drag inside his home, it wasn't until WE brought it up that he paid attention to that.

As mentioned I still hear the noises, but now my 2.5 year old points out to our closet and says "ghost". He knows what they might resemble because he has seen a Halloween themed cartoon where traditional white ghost appear. Well just 3 nights ago, my wife woke me up in the middle of the night due to a bad dream she was having. She told me that she was trying to call my name but she couldn't, that something was trying to get into her brain and wouldn't let her speak. I quickly told her that it was just a nightmare and nothing to worry. Minutes later I fell asleep, and saw myself in bed just how I really was then our closet door opened and out came this white flowing silk like figure floating. I could not get a figure if it was human, male or female. Just think of an almost transparent white silky sheet floating, coming towards you. Now in my dream I closed my eyes and felt this thing trying to get into me, starting from the top of my head working its way down, my head and shoulders quickly became ice cold. Then I felt it tried to travel down to cover my entire body but it could not cover anything below my heart.

I kept thinking (still in my dream) that my heart somehow stopped it from covering my body. Now scared out of my mind I ended up waking up, and trying to cope with what I had just dreamed, a damn ghost trying to get into my body! I knew it was silly and all, and to make myself feel better I took out my phone with a flashlight just so I can see for myself that nothing was in the room. I for whatever reason hit the camera recorder on my phone and took a short video.

5 seconds in I caught an orb on video coming from what it seems to be the floor and go upwards, then right before I end recording the orb quickly drops down to the floor at a fast speed. I have been trying to find a logical explanation to this, but the icing on the cake was that same morning after my wife and I woke up, my toddler woke up as well (he sleeps with us), he sat up then pointed to the closet and said "ghost". Exact spot where in my dreams the door opened and the white flowing figure, thing whatever it was came out of.

At this point I'm out of logical explanations and am pretty scared. No visuals have happened besides the orb in the video, but I am concerned if my little one can see this thing.
Young children, along with animals have been known to have a better picture of the spiritual realm if that's what you want to call it. Have you tried any ward bags or purifying through sage burning etc.? Dont aggravate it unless you feel you are in danger,Please!! If you feel you or your family are in danger, take neccessary precautions. If you want to have your home cleansed by a psychic, dont get an off street or in store one. Find someone who specializes in science, have then rule out all scientific possibilities first, such as frequencies. Go to a hotel during this process  If nothing bad happened in the apartment, you should also look into your possessions to see if there is a trigger object you have come in possession with when you moved, or if you think it could have followed you.

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