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Gatlinburg, Tn. Do you see what I see?
So the other night I did a ghost tour in Gatlinburg where I didnt see anything with my eyes. But there several images that I captured something odd. I would like to get you opinions on them. I will post them without any Mark's showing what I saw yet because I want you to find it first. I will circle what I saw then repost to see if you see the same thing. Thanks! 
By the way this was my first ghost tour with hunting equipment! Loved it! Had to drop picture to make it small enough. What should I do to post several photos at their original size and quality?

Story here is about a suicide


[quote pid='199771' dateline='1533904740']
I see some neon lights with a minor bit of discoloration and a little purple thingie at the bottom.  There might be a faint spiral going down between the neon lights.  And a little smudge off to the left. 

What am I looking at?  The midnight sky?  A rave in the woods?  Do kids these days even know what a ‘rave’ is, or do they think it just means a dance club?

Speaking of clubs, is that meant to be some queer, rivet-head stripper pole? 

Context is key.  What were you aiming the camera at when you took the picture?

[img][Image: SignatureToday2_zpsb40bf612.jpg][/img]
Space Needle?

I’m not seeing anything in the photo.

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