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What if they really found Nessie?
About 4 years ago, we went on a cruise at Loch Ness but Nessie wasn't there. She could be on vacation at the time. ?

Fascinating prospect though. What would we do if it really happened?

My husband felt as if he was coming home when we visited Drummossie Moor, overlooking Inverness, near where the Battle of Culloden took place in 1746. He since found that his Clan has ancestral links to the area. Aye.
There's life...and then there's the afterlife.
I wonder if Nessie was a case of mistaken identity. Could she also be a giant eel or some monster fish? This is one of my favourite fisherman's tale. The "fishy tail"  that simply grew and grew.
There's life...and then there's the afterlife.

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