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EVP anomalies
I have been recording evp for over 12 yrs now and have collected all calibre of EVP including Class A. I mostly use dvr and use Adobe Audition

I have had my name said on both dvr and ghostbox
Had an evp of something said and straight after I have actually said this myself.
I have thought something and then had my question answered in EVP straight after
I have had direct answers to questions
Have even used a phone app and been given direct answers to questions
Had ghostbox responses through static in areas with no reception.
Collected evp from a stationary dvr in silence and also from carrying one 
Felt myself be pushed and got a Class A evp straight after I made the point, by the spirit that did it
Had responses from spirit who want to engage and some help and from nasty ones who like to swear
Have had whole sentences said
Have been warned by spirit to be aware of other nasty ones
Have had the same evp some up on my dvr and also on my sisters
Have had the same thing said on a dvr then straight after come out on a ghostbox

My advice for working with EVP is solely from my experience and my results

1/ Treat spirit like they have a mind and a memory and not like an alien
2/ Introduce yourself and let them know what you are doing and be respectful.
3/ Dont call your electronic equipment their proper scientific names as a lot of spirits are from a time when there wasnt electronics. 
4/ Try to investigate the same place over and over as they spirits get to know and trust you and are more likely to come forward.
5/  Be aware that most of the spirit that produce Class A evp for you, have probably used some of your own electromagnetic energy or from your devices
6/  Use your instinct and if you get a voice that is profoundly distorted or saying something that you know isnt nice, its probably a low level spirit. Dont talk to it.
7/  If you want spirit to engage and feel relaxed with you, be prepared to tell a little about yourself. It might seem ridiculous, but they do listen and they do discuss amongst  
     themselves if they should answer you. I have had experiences like this where I hear one spirit answer me with another saying "dont tell her"
8/ Take note of the spirits that talk to you because you will hear them again other times in the same place and they will tell you their names
9/ The more you work with evp, the easier it becomes to pick them out in audio.

The evp I have attached was taken from Monte Cristo in Australia. The night before I had been pushed this room and had my hair flicked up the back. The next morning we went to that room again and I felt like I was being pushed again and suddenly I lost my balance. This Class A evp sounds as loud as us but it is not any of us. It says " I pushed and shoved" and I believe it to be Mrs Crawley who is an aboriginal woman who doesnt like people in her house. You will hear me state that Im being pushed and then she owns up to it. We had lost of stuff happening at the same time too like the emf meter going off, cold spots, being touched and the furniture shook and the window rattled also.I believe this evp is so loud because she was angry with me. We were all having energy drawn as we felt dizzy and got headaches.The evp is 00:03-05
Some I am on mobile for quite some time, this wav file appears to be corrupted or in a codec my phone is unfamiliar with. If you can please present this in mp3 format, that'd be great.
[Image: space.gif]
Why have you jumped to the conclusion that they're spirits or ghosts?
What evidence do you have to make a claim such as "Be aware that most of the spirit that produce Class A evp for you, have probably used some of your own electromagnetic energy or from your devices," because I see no evidence to support this is how the communication works.
Hi trace,

Some very good points made there, I have been interested in EVP for about ten years now. One interesting point that you mention is relating to not using your equipment names. I myself will not say can you speak in to the Tascam model number blah blah, but simply can you please try and speak to me using the device in front of me, along with other prompts to direct them. But interestingly not specifically to do with EVP but over my many years of spirit work, it is apparent that some spirits who passed centuries ago know what an Iphone and a computer is. I have have conducted numerous trance mediumship sessions where spirits of sitters past loved ones have spoken through my vocal chords in a different tongue and mentioned modern tech, but then other similar sessions have referred to playing music on a music box. Part of me wonders if as in life some people will be up to date on the latest gadgets, yet others will be quite happy with an old 8 track lol

Keep up the good work, would be interested knowing more about the experiences you have had relating to EVP.

Kind regards


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