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If Aliens Exist, Why Haven't We Found Any Yet
A new paper on the Fermi paradox convincingly shows why we will probably never find aliens.
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There are no foreign galactic beings in the vicinity of the Earth.
The realization that they are real beings who live according to their evolutionary path and come from our human energy after the death of the body. This is the form or phase of our mortality.

Similar forms of bodies on various video films are perceived as a physical body, but the person is not real. The paranormal form of the creature is similar to these patterns on the video, and the true form is derived from the paranormalmateria and can not be arrested or questioned.

The problem is human philosophy of perception!

As long as humans eat other earthly creatures, they will not be able to decipher the paranormal post-mortem dimension, because they are primitive
Did you compose that using the ‘auto fill’ feature on yr iPhone?

; )

My link is to a news article about serious statistical analysis regarding the likelihood of encountering evidence of other worldly life forms.  While I can appreciate that you have yr own personal opinions on the matter… at least, I would, if they were stated as opinions… there’s a time and place for that. 

This isn’t it.

Next time someone posts a link to a news article, please actually read the article before you respond.  And, if you have something to add to that information, take the time to explain how it relates.  Don’t just read the title of a thread and pontificate, ignoring the actual content.

Point and counterpoint.  It’s what civilized people do.

Remember, yr completely welcome to start yr own thread on these matters.  I’ll totally respect its integrity.  All I ask is that you respect the integrity of my own threads.  I put quite a bit of thought into differentiating between my personal opinions, the commonly held opinions of a specific group, and statistical data when I get the nerve to actually post something.  Please don’t disrupt my threads with yr random fever dreams…  

8 )
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Apologies Mika, I am obligated to respond to this statement.

(07-04-2018, 04:33 AM)rudidur Wrote: The problem is human philosophy of perception!

It's perception that creates human philosophy. How that is a problem to you is just nonsense. That's like saying the problem with languages is the alphabet. Makes no sense.
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