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Is There An Explanation For Any Of This?
First Experience: This could just be a weird kid thing but I was raised in a somewhat Catholic household. My mom taught us a little bit from the bible and we went to church, but we weren't super religious. I don't remember being taught much about demons or the devil. I was sort of an evil child. I liked to hit, scratch and bite kids and family members, I NEVER apologized, once I even saw my mom pass out after hitting her head and didn't help her. My mom also thought I was going to kill her in her sleep. I was weird. Well when I was very young (age 4), my mom said she walked by my room and I was sitting on my bed with the scariest look on my face staring at my closet. When she asked what i was doing I replied, "Momma, did you know the devil lives in my closet".
Second Experience: When I was 11, my family was over for Easter. My grandma and brother slept in my mom's room. My cousins and Aunt slept in the living room, and my mom slept in my bed. I remember my mom sent me to bed early because I was being a jerk (as usual). I remember laying in bed and I could hear my mom and aunt in the living room just chatting and I was just waiting to fall asleep. Then, I swear on my pet's lives and literally everything. It felt like my bed had lifted off the floor and was jolted back and fourth, not even like dragged on the ground. I swear to you that it happened but I can't seem to find any explanation as to how or why that happened. 
Third Experience: This one is the worse. In 2012, everybody has to switch to cable, you could no longer use an antenna. My mom did not want to pay for cable for my TV since I rarely watched it. SO we just left it. Well during my winter break we came home late from a fair of some sorts and the TV was on, the screen all scratchy and snowy. It didn't bother me since I thought maybe I bumped it on the way out. The next night it happened again after came home late from my grandma's. My mom thought maybe it was the remote so we removed the batteries. The next night, after coming home from our neighbor's Christmas party it was on and my mom thought it was an electrical surge that was causing it to happen. It stopped and then it happened again while we were home a couple days later. Finally my mom cut the plug cord (the outlet was behind a dresser so it was too hard to unplug). Then the next night the damn TV turned on. After that we donated it and I started sleeping in my moms room. When I did, that TV in her room would turn on and off, if I was in the living room, my keyboard would turn on and play. It still happens, when I am in the room with my brother's XBOX but he says it's never happened to him. We have two cars and whichever car I drive, the stations change but never happens to my mom or sister.
Fourth Experience: I had a Ouija board since I was about 12/13. It was a gift from my cousin's girlfriend because she knew I was into the paranormal stuff. But I never played with it because frick that! I don't mess with that. I just keep it up on my bureau. Well lately I cleaned out my room to move out. And guess what was no where to be seen. The Ouija board. None of my siblings touched it because they are scared to pieces of ghosts, demons, are house, anything slightly creepy, and my mom didn't touch it cause she didn't know I had it. My room has always been a hotbead for weird activity. My cat won't go in my room and when she does she bites me and screams, it's horrifying.

Sorry this was so long. But are there logical explanations for these? Probably. But I also can't help but think some of it was ungodly, unworldly or slightly paranormal and supernatural. Anyways, feedback is appreciated. Just don't hurt my feelings lol
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Hey yo, Liz  8 )

My apologies for taking so long to respond.  In general, I try to not stick my nose in on this sort of business.  I do not, in any way, consider myself an expert in anything paranormal. 

Except maybe zombies, if they count.

I do kinda know a bit about psychology and philosophy.  It’s what I went to university for.  But I’ve found that people here… particularly newcomers, such as yrself… rarely want to hear that sort of bullpucky.  Still, no one else seems to have any insight into yr problems and I don’t want you to feel yr being ignored…  so, this is what the skeptic in me has to offer.

 8 )

‘First Experience’ is rather simple to explain.  Kids say the darnedest things.  I know a little girl… six, now… but when she was younger, she used to talk about all sorts of morbid stuff.  The most memorable occasion, from when she was like three, she padded up to her mother in her pjs and said she might ‘kill her daddy tonight.’  When her mother asked her why she would do that, the girl’s deadpan response was ‘’cos I’m a monster’. 

Take a moment to imagine that.  A toddler, all kinds of dead serious, looking up at you and saying ‘Mommy, I’m a monster.  I’m gonna go kill daddy.  Can we have cookies after?’  She didn’t run and hide, fearing punishment.  Nothing in her impulse felt wrong to her.  And when her mother responds ‘Maybe we just spank him, to teach him who is boss.’  And the little girls responds ‘cools.’

We never really think about it, but we subject our children to some absolutely morbid shite.  Rapunzel is kidnapped and held captive in some tower by a creepy, troll-like perv.  Hansel and Gretel are abandoned by their parents and forced to make the choice of ‘be eaten’ or ‘burn this old woman alive.’  We even teach kids how to spell by playing ‘Hangman.’ 

A child’s brain doesn’t work the same way as an adult’s brain.  In the same way that a toddler needs to learn how to walk, children have to learn how to think.  We are no more born with ‘logic’ and ‘reason’ than we are language.  So, yeah… to a 4-year-old, the monster under the bed can be very real.  Or, in yr case, the devil in the closet.

'Second experience.'  Anytime someone tells me they were lying in bed and something weird happened, I have to question whether or not they were in that weird half-asleep, half-awake zone that encompasses the ‘falling’ part of falling asleep.  ‘Cos it’s not like an on/off switch.  And that halfway zone before deep sleep actually kicks in is when we have our most vivid dreams. 

I’ll use another personal example.  I’m an insomniac.  Not the ‘oops, I drank too much coffee’ sort but the ‘I’ve slept 4 hours in the past 3 days and I’m tired as f*c*, but every time I close my eyes every poor decision I’ve ever made in my life flashes before me’ kind of insomniac.

For the little kids out there, f*c* is my ‘old person’ emoji for face.  A tired face.  The asterisks are my blurry eyes, the c is my button nose and the f is my disheveled hair, hanging off to the side.

8 D

Anyway, one time I had just fallen asleep and, I swear, a big rat jumped on my chest.  I pushed it off through the blankets and it fell back down on me and I got up and ran into the other room… where my girlfriend at the time was seriously concerned about why I ran screaming, in my jammies, into the living room.  Needless to say, there was no rat.  And while, to this day, I can feel the thing pressing down on my chest through the blankets… it was just a dream.

Skipping ahead... 'Fourth experience.'  Well, obviously, someone stole yr Ouija board.  One of yr siblings, maybe.  I mean, ghosts aren’t known to take things.  They bang on windows and creep on floorboards, but why would one take a parlor game?  If yr Ouija board went flying off yr coffee table, I might be concerned.  But I can’t imagine why a ghost would just steal one.

Also, demons use things like Ouija boards as a conduit to possess people.  So, a demon taking away yr board is just plain counter-intuitive.  Oh, and demons can’t actually move physical objects.  That’s just movie nonsense, and bad movie besides.

Finally… 'Third experience.'  

This is the most interesting and I actually had to do some research.    Apparently, it’s possible, with certain kinds of remotes, if the batteries are dying, they can send off random wave thingie that will turn yr television on or off.  There are also certain kinds of televisions designed for people in, say, hurricane zones… they plug into the wall for power but also have a battery backup, in case the power goes off, so you can watch the news.  So… rational explanation.  I mean, I have no idea if I have a storm-watch television or not.  I don’t keep manuals around to check.

Of course, rational explanations don’t eliminate paranormal ones, so here’s what I see.

Demons?  There’s a deep and rich history regarding demons and all of it says their only opportunity to affect our world is through physical possession.  There is literally a zero percent chance a demon can turn yr television on and off.  Whisper in yr ear maybe, under the right circumstances.  Possess you, if you invite them in.  But… no TVs.

UFOs?  I suppose the lore seems to say they mess with electronics… but unless you have yr own personal UFO following you around, this seems quite a bit of a stretch, as well.  You could always check with yr neighbors.  Maybe they’ve seen weird lights and had their electronics malfunction, as well.  Or, it could be a power line thing.

Ghosts?  Mayhaps, but… let’s be clear.  That’s a big mayhaps.  Ghosts generally attach to objects or locations, as I understand it.  Not people.  I suppose there could be a ghost that has taken a particular liking to you, but it wouldn’t follow you around in the car.  You could always research the history of yr house, to see if anything happened there.  And there’s always the departed loved one, letting you know they’re watching over you.  I can’t say that I understand why they would reach out through televisions, but then… I don’t know yr family.

I hope my thoughts were of some use to you and I apologize for the length.  What can I say?  I’m a writer and verbosity is kinda my thing.  Also, you didn’t specify ‘in 400 words are less.’  So I up yr apology for the long post and square... no, cube it.

One final thing.  WHY DIDN’T ANYONE ELSE RESPOND TO LIZ?  Get with the game, peeps.  I only know what I’ve learned over the past year, plus the Christian stuffs.  Help a girl out…  ; )

[img][Image: SignatureToday2_zpsb40bf612.jpg][/img]
[quote pid='199520' dateline='1531351583']

One final thing.  WHY DIDN’T ANYONE ELSE RESPOND TO LIZ?  Get with the game, peeps.  I only know what I’ve learned over the past year, plus the Christian stuffs.  Help a girl out…  ; )


I was waiting for someone to respond that knows more than I do.

Subject: I have a black cat.
Believer: Black cats are bad luck.
Non-believer: It's just a cat.
Crackpot: Black cats are part of the New World Order government conspiracy.
Skeptic: I can test if black cats are more or less lucky than another cat.
Cynic: You only have a black cat to gain power and prestige.

I don't have a legitimate excuse for not posting other than being strictly on my phone while I'm in training for a career boost. However, I can not feign laziness of typing on my phone as a reason, so that, I apologize for not responding.

The topic indicates that sleeping seems to play a role here. Perhaps some siblings are playing jokes with remote turn ons of said devices. Being half asleep can enhance the creep factor. Especially, if you've just come out of a nightmare. If you've never used your Ouija Board, then you have nothing to worry about. Thought it may have been used and then removed some you've lost track of it.
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