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What am I dealing with? Please help
Hey, guys.
So, I posted a comment on a YouTube video about 9 months ago hoping the community there could help me figure out what exactly is going on, but I haven't gotten anything and found this site instead. I'm posting what I have there on here with some minor updates underneath.

"I have an older sister; we're about 4 years apart. Up until she was in grade 7 or 8 we shared our upstairs bedroom and then she moved to the basement. About a week later I was asleep in my room, and I found myself being woken up around 3:30 am. Confused, I looked around. That's when I saw a dark figure standing in the closet door frame (the closet itself didn't have a door). I blinked and rubbed my eyes thinking that I must still be dreaming, but it didn't go away. At this point little grade 3 or 4 me got really scared and I tried to call for my mom in the next room. Before I could make a sound, I heard a quiet "sshhhh" and then literally couldn't speak. I could move, but there was no way in Hell that I was going to get anywhere near that thing, and I would have to pass it to get to my door. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep that night. I told my mom about it and she said it was just a bad dream. This happened again the next night, and the night after that, and the night after that, and every night until my sister graduated high school and moved out to go to university in another city. When that happened, I instantly moved into the basement saying that I wanted some distance between my room and my mom's room. I had stopped telling her about the figure years prior as I always got the same explanation, "it's just a bad dream. It isn't real."
Since sleeping in the basement, I haven't seen the figure. I thought it was over.
But recently, after 5 years of silence, my mom and I were in the living room watching a show together. After the show, she went up to her room and I was going to go down to mine. She called me before I could go down the stairs and asked if I had been in her room that day. I told her I wasn't and said she already knew that I had been watching YouTube in my room all day. Then she told me to come upstairs for a second and look at something. My assumption was that maybe a statue broke, which I would then blame the cats for. I get upstairs and see what she was talking about. She has one of those soft blankets that you can push the fur in different ways and it will get lighter or darker. Near the foot of her bed, there was a large, male sized hand print on the blanket. I freaked out and could see she was just as freaked as I probably was. We had no idea how it got there, but the cats weren't afraid to go in her room when she called them, so we assumed it must have been her hand and it just looked big because her hand slid across the blanket. Whatever, no big deal. My mom accepted this answer because she didn't really have a firm belief in the paranormal at the time (she knew it could exist, but she didn't want to think about it being able to affect our world in any way but rare apparitions); I accepted this answer because I was scared to think it could be something else.
A few days later my mom was telling me about how she had her first ever night terror. She was asleep in bed and I had come into her room and flopped down beside her. She could then feel a wet warmth spreading everywhere like blood and I wasn't moving. She tried to force herself to wake up because it felt so real, but she couldn't. My mom can no longer deny any belief in spirits and what they could do. This made me think that something might actually be going on in my house again.
About 2 weeks after that, she had her friend over for the night, and he has had his own experiences in the past. I knew this, so I told him about the figure from my room way back when, but didn't say a word about what it looked like, just out of curiosity. It turned out that when they were going upstairs to go to bed (somewhere close to 3 am), he saw the figure standing over the guard railing at the top of the stairs. He was able to describe the figure's build exactly, and I knew that it was the same one.
This scared me mostly because I felt like it was starting to grow stronger and learn how to get to different rooms other than that old bedroom I used to sleep in. That thing gave me massive insomnia and I was only just starting to get over it after all this time.
Having no clue what to do, I tried to ignore it. But 3 weeks ago now (about a month and a half after the last encounter) I was woken up around 3:30 am to the very distinct sound of human footsteps in my living room. I shut my eyes and attempted to sleep and ignore it. I didn't sleep the rest of that night. The next morning I asked my mom if it was her, but she said she was fast asleep at the time. It's just me and my mom here; my parents having been divorced 8 years ago or so, and my sister still living in another city. From this, I knew that it couldn't have been anyone else.
After all this time, my mom finally believes me about what I was telling her about this figure (along with all of my other ghostly stories). She tries to help me get past them by both making jokes about it with me, and by talking to me seriously about it. She'll be blaming random things on ghosts, while also asking me if I'm seeing something that I shouldn't be when I lose focus if we're out in public. Now, we're waiting to see just how long it takes this dark figure to get through the kitchen and down into my room. There's really nothing else we can do about it.
On the bright side, it's the only in-house encounter I've had. Everything else has been in other places. mostly just glimpses of things that shouldn't be there, or disembodied voices (though I won't go into a ramble about those as it is not my point)."

Later that night I came on again and posted this
I was doing the dishes tonight and 2 of the 3 lights in my kitchen just suddenly went out. They're brand new light bulbs."

Since then, I have had glasses jumping off of my kitchen counter and shattering on the floor while I've been standing right there; and my cats will randomly start acting all freaked out and refuse to go into certain rooms unless someone else goes in first (and even then it's with much hesitation). Just a couple of weeks ago, one of my cats suddenly started hissing at me when I tried to go near her. She never hisses at anything. Ever.

Is this just one thing, or could it be multiple things?
Also, sorry this is so long, I'm just trying to give as much detail as I can in hopes of finding something out.
Could always try listening to see what he wants. Sounds like he's just trying to get your attention. Don't be afraid of him since he's done no harm from what you've said. Do some research on your house, understand the past and listen to it.
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(06-23-2018, 05:53 AM)Vultyrex Wrote: Could always try listening to see what he wants. Sounds like he's just trying to get your attention. Don't be afraid of him since he's done no harm from what you've said. Do some research on your house, understand the past and listen to it.

All right. I can do that. He hasn't really seemed like the talking type, but maybe I've misread the situation. Thanks, just hearing anything at all feels more reassuring.

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