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Something attached itself to me and I don't know what to do
For whatever reason, I tend to be vulnerable to paranormal things getting in my life in one way or another and have had a lot of odd experiences, and some downright dangerous ones. I don't go out trying to mess with it, but it always finds me.

I was recently overseas visiting a friend and there is a mall by his house that is notoriously haunted (some kind of tragedy happened there before it was a mall). We shopped there a lot but we never went out of our way to mess with the ghost or anything, aside from a few jokes that we didn't think were harmful at the time. 

He told me how the ghost there didn't like him. There were these stairs going up from the mall to the museum that was a part of it (since it is a historical place as well) and he said every single time he went up or down them, he would trip and fall. The only time it didn't happen was the first time he was there with me. We went shopping there all the time and the second time we went up the stairs, we were with another friend of his. The friend made a joke about the ghost and my friend and I joined in and laughed and shortly after that moment, he tripped and fell. He's not stupid or attention seeking enough to fake that sort of thing, and it's also not really his sense of humor. We accused him at first of faking it to scare us, but then we realized he was injured and we believed him. After we made sure he was okay and we could keep walking, we all just laughed off the incident and went back downstairs.

Whatever spirit or spirits were in that place, I think something attached itself to me (and possibly him) and followed me home, if that's possible. Ever since coming home, I've had atrocious bad luck. Me and the aforementioned friend had an awful falling out. I've had people in my life dying. Also, both mine and his health have started rapidly deteriorating and we are now both extremely ill, mentally and physically.

We both have pre-existing illnesses, his being primarily mental health issues and mine being both mental and physical, but we were both in a pretty great place for a while. Even my physical illness was in remission, which was a huge achievement. Things took a turn for the worse for both of us though.

It started with us both becoming very ill while I was at his house. Then when I left and went home, he became suicidal and very detached and not all 'there', and my mental health has gotten worse and so has my physical health to the point where I'm no longer able to work or function at all. Of course, since we already had health problems, it could be coincidental, but I'm not sure. It seems too odd to be just a coincidence. We were both managing our illnesses very well before this happened, and it wasn't a gradual change. It was just suddenly bad out of nowhere.

In February, I had a dream that felt very real. In the dream, I 'woke up' from my sleep and saw something sitting in the corner of my room. I don't exactly was a child, or a doll or something, and I remember it doing something and speaking (I don't remember details though) and then I fell asleep again and woke up for real, and the first thing I thought of upon waking was that mall. My mother heard me scream, although I don't remember doing it, and so she ran into my room. She's very Christian and she's also a priest and has worked with exorcisms and banishing spirits and while I'm not aligned with her religious beliefs, I let her pray over me in hopes that maybe there was some off chance that would help. I was able to go back to sleep without another nightmare, but things haven't gotten better with either mine or his health or luck.

Around the same time I had the dream, I had a really odd preoccupation with old things. Antiques, vintage, etc, all from the same time period. I used to be kind of fascinated with it, but after this, it felt almost like something was passively influencing me, especially since my previous interest in vintage things were of a different decade than the passive influence I was experiencing. It shifted from a mild interest to almost an obsession, like I was trying to relive a life I had never lived.

It could be that I'm paranoid, but I'm wondering if it sounds like maybe something has attached itself to me, and maybe even him? If it did, what exactly do I do about this situation? I'm very scared.
Hey there inevitabilis. First off, you want to calm down. This has been and will forever be my first step, whether or not I know that something has been latched on to or following you. Fear and other intense emotions tend to make the situation worse.

Traditionally, active hauntings tend to fall in locations with high amounts of energy. That could be energy driven by emotion, activity, spirituality, etc. If something has latched on to you, it is because the energy was right. (We'll get to that in a moment though) In the case of a spirit, the #1 best thing that you can do, to lessen ANY such events, is reduce the panic, stress, and mood swings that you have. Bar-none.

I mean, you can't even exorcise a ghost. It isn't a demonic presence. It doesn't have a targeted location that it will "return" to, once it's exorcised. The idea behind exorcism is to extract the presence from an individual and return it to where it came from. As the ghost isn't even in you, there is nothing that an exorcism from any religion could do.

The next thing I want to input is the way an exorcism of a demon would occur. You don't just go to a priest and say "I need an exorcism". The rite itself requires the afflicted to be a devout believer of the faith that is being used to exorcise the demon. If you aren't a believer and you become afflicted with possession, you'd better find a faith quick. In that respect, I'm not surprised that nothing worked for you there.

Alright, I'll put you at ease here first: If the mall has an active haunting, it's because of the energy that pulses through that building. You two might be two people, but you can't compete with hundreds of people filtering in and out of a building like that. Think about it. Everybody has their own (figurative) demons, which they carry with them every day. They might have problems at home, at work, with extended family, with the law, physical health, mental health, etc. All of these things follow them around day in and day out. In a mall, these all get to collect and supply such hauntings with massive amounts of the different energies that are accessible by them.
Furthermore, the stores themselves have to deal with the customers. That means: The joys of children getting what they want. The bliss of people eating food while they're starving. The ire of upset customers returning their products, due to dissatisfaction.

I'd say there is as close to a 100% chance as can be, that you did not get a latching spirit from the mall. In comparison to their daily smörgåsbord, you two are like the fries that slipped through their fingers to the floor. Sorry for the analogy, but it is accurate. They might not like you. They might antagonize you if you go there. But they would never leave that kind of buffet for you two.

This leaves us with two options: 1) You do not have a latched on spirit, and the current events of your lives have steadily made things worse; or 2) You have had exposure to a spirit through other means.

The former is much more likely, as the ability for people to manifest things for themselves is quite developed in this day and age. At moments, if one little thing starts to go wrong, it can cause a ripple effect in someone's life that will cause things to get increasingly worse.
For example:
My girlfriend as crohn's disease. As an autoimmune disease, it can be managed with diet, low stress-levels, medication, and exercise. Things were alright for close to 4-5 years, when things took a sharp turn for the worse. Money became tight, so diets and work hours changed. Less nutrition + more hours of work made exercise a thing of the past, further declining health. No money made medication an issue, which finished removing the collection of things that successfully managed her disease. Working at a restaurant made the stress skyrocket, so she was in the hospital 3 times within 2 years. I'll add that during university, she was suicidal because of this disease. So, this was a traumatic experience for her, to say the least.

During this time, she had 3 deaths in her extended family, and a falling out with her grandfather. So...if you were going to think anything was linked to the supernatural...yeah she could have been. However, we didn't link it to that because we sat down and worked out what the issues were and how we can resolve them. Now, we have her medication funded through government grants and my own newly gained benefits. We exercise. We eat well (first and foremost). Money is still tight, but we make it through on a month-month basis. Her health has never been better.

That is just a quick summation of another person's super-stressful life events. Stress begets more stress. Stress and poor diets can lead to things like vivid dreams. When you have a dream that vivid, you can't really get the rest you need. When you wake-up, you are still half-asleep. Your event could be explained by that state, rather than something actually being in your room. When I was a kid, I had a similar occurrence. Trust me, since then, I've been trying to find a way to explain how it could possibly be real. It isn't easy, and the only reason why I am still trying to fight the face of logic is because of what happened to my brother on the same night.

We can work together to figure it out, because it is something I'm not giving up on. However, don't read into it too much. I'll pm you the story if you like. Just drop a line.

So, the second option is that you've been exposed to something from somewhere else. The first thing to think about is your own place (and that of your friend's). Is there any history behind it? Furthermore, is there any places you've visited close to before this all began? Were you there during moments that could cause an increase in stress? How about your family? History of drama or tragedy? These are the questions you need to ask.

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