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Is the devil after me?
I have come to this forum in desperation. I've been having visions like warnings that present in a form of paranoia. I believe a very powerful demon is battling to have me murdered in a very violent manner. I've been able to run away several occasions from death or something like it. The thing is that I feel this is happening in an alternate reality in which there's a conspiracy out to get me. My last two visions have been about my girlfriend. They've been telling me she wants to sell me to satanic drug cartels and is using me in evil manners. I can sort of see the evil in her eyes  but it's strange because everytime the devil it's about to win and alter reality so that this becomes a viable execution path of the universe I get a lot of visions warnings. Like a lot and so I get really paranoid and alert. I was warned today that my girlfriend was gonna throw me from her balcony. This happened via my cellphone kinda failing and it gave two signs. First it emergency dialed 4. Four in mexican spanish means treason and setup. Then it wrote by itself on whatsap '`ZZ'. In mexico the zetas are the worst drug cartel and they control the city where I am from. I believe they have a connection with the devil and they're working to get me. In a previous event in which I asked for Archangels Michael help because I know he has helped me in the past. A half white half black feather was left behind. I do not know the full meaning of this but it was like a miracle. I believe the devil is trying to materialize a reality in which I will be betrayed by my girlfriend and executed horribly.

Does anybody relate to this? I have managed to outrun the devil because I get to see lot's of visions I am terrified of the number 4. And 6-4. I learned by a close friend who was working for politicians and cartels that has the code number for when an individual is about to be murdered by the cartel this is specifically for the zetas but it could be used elsewhere. I am from Tamaulipas if you google it you will find it's one of the most dangerous places in the world.

I am very scared I love my girlfriend but I believe god is trying to tell me she will betray me and sell me to the devil.

Any advice is appreciated.

Best advice is the only advice that nobody listens to. If you live in the most dangerous place in the world, leave. If you think your life is in danger, leave. Nobody ever chooses this option. It confounds me.

Otherwise, let me just say this one thing. You make a lot of emphasis on the fact that you live in the most dangerous place in the world. You are obviously afraid of this cartel (and rightly you should be). You are also concerned about the relationship you are in, and perhaps the connection your girlfriend might have to it. First off, if she wanted to contact them to kill you, she'd have larger problems than you would. Why would they care to kill you, when they can just take her and induct her into the sex-trade. I mean, if you got in the way sure, but it makes no sense.

Yes, people can pay other people off to do things, but a drug cartel doesn't do personalized hit-jobs. They look for their own pockets. They don't need the money. You'd be more at risk from getting killed by a neighbour down the street. Lastly, Mexico is a large and beautiful country. How about you get out and see it a bit. If you live in the most dangerous place in the world, try leaving it and moving somewhere better? If you say you don't have money, leave first, put yourself in a position to be moderately acceptable, and go into indentured servitude. You work for somebody at their house, and get paid small money but have room and board. They still do that in the states, so I figure they'd still do that in Mexico.

Good luck, and God-speed
According to common folklore, he's only after your soul. Not you.
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