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Dreamed of grandmother asking if she could go....
My grandmother has been slowly declining in health over the past 2 years.  COPD has been extremely hard on her.

About a week ago, I had one of the most vivid dreams I have ever experienced.  My grandmother came to me and was crying.  She said that she was tired of struggling and being sick and didnt want to live like this anymore.  She then asked if she was allowed to let go.  I immediately began crying and explained to her that as selfish as I want to be, she had my permission to go.  I did not want to see her suffer anymore.  I woke up in tears as if it truly happened.

2 Days later I received a call from my mother telling me that my grandmother has declined and she didnt know what was going to happen.  As of now, she is in the hospital on her death bed.  She is being assisted with breathing from a BiPAP machine due to her wishes of not wanting a ventilator.  Tomorrow is the day that we are pulling her from the machine.

Im just completely confused.  Im confused whether she actually came to me in the dream or not.  I have never experienced such a coincidence like this before and am completely lost.

I feel more hurt now that I feel that it is my fault i told her that she could go.

Any input or advice would greatly be appreciated!
First off, sorry for your loss. However, you did the right thing, in that you were selfless enough to let her pass on when she saw that she should herself. She went, because she felt confident that the time was ready, since you were going to get through the hard times together.

In contrast, if you had told her no, you were definitely not ready. A selfish act would have signified that you valued yourself more than the peace of your grandmother. The good news is, that is definitely not the case. She raised a good family all those years.
This is quite common to dream of a loved one while they are about to transition into the state of death in hopes to have one final last say to the living world. However, it's just a dream created by your mind. For instance, did you learn something you didn't already know?
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I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. I too had a vivid dream of my late partner before his funeral. I believe we dream these dreams in order to create a dialogue between ourselves to cope, understand, and come to terms with the terrible news in our lives. The fact you were aware of how selfish you wanted to be yet still allowing her to go, is a very powerful message that could mean you are slowly but surely finding the closure you need to deal with this hardship.
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