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Vampire Documentary
OMG, guys! Have you seen this totally awesome documentary about REAL vampires called "What we do in the Shadows"? It's so realistic and amazing! The director is the same guy who directed Thor: Ragnarok (he is actually a real vampire!!!) Here's the first 6 minutes of the show. Amazing! Real vampires!!!

... and, yeah, I know. It's a parody/mockumentary. Just wanted to pass along a really funny comedy. It's kinda along the lines of Napoleon Dynamite, where the first time you watch it you think to yourself, "What did I just watch?!"... and you wonder if you could get those 2+ hours back. Then, for some reason, you watch it again and see more of the vampire tropes and references from other vampire pop-culture references and it gains in humor...

Now, to track down Hercules and the Vampires.... because I really have to figure out how they could possibly make it into an opera....!


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