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My Crystals
I had a relative from England visit here in Auckland and she bought me an Amethyst and a Citrine.

Can someone who collects crystals please tell me what type of energy they have and how to use them?
By how to use them, I read in this forum about charging crystals. How do I do this and is it needed for these two?

Should I get them cut..?

Any info or advice would be appreciated, as well as recommendations for other types of crystals.

I suffer from depression, general anxiety, anger, stress and also have trouble sleeping Owl Eyes
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Hi Mia, 

Amethysts are said to help with insomnia, migraines, and reduce anxiety. I honestly see amethyst as the general stone for most troubles. Nothing too specific like citrine on the other hand. 
Citrine is more known for bringing success and/or wealth and has a joyful vibration that can be helpful in overcoming depression. It also is known for allowing a more creative side of you out. 

I don't believe you need to get them cut, they should be fine the way they are. You can cleanse/charge them by burying them under a full moon overnight (I personally do this) or any other variety of methods such as sunlight, salt water (be careful to read up on the stone and if it could react negatively to water), smudging, etc. Make sure while or after the crystal has been cleansed to charge your crystals each with your intentions. Use your own energy and project your thoughts and emotions onto the crystals. Close the ritual, I usually just do a mantra, and done.  

The best advice I can give is: do research, research, research.

I too suffer from depression and anxiety for several years and while I do indulge myself in gemstones and crystals, they will not provide an easy cure-all solution to your problems. I really do believe it is in your intentions, thoughts, and emotions like a lot of self-help related items generally require. It's not necessarily the product but the attitude you have in it. And really, I do like to carry around certain crystals depending on the day. It's just... very soothing lol. Nonetheless, I hope you don't rely on these gemstones to help eliminate all your troubles, so please get the right help at the same time.

Hope this all helps!

Best Wishes  Butterfly
 The woods are lovely, dark, and deep but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep. 
~*~*~Psych Butterfly~*~*~

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Thank you for the reply. I hadn't checked this thread until just now. Take care.
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