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Can someone tell me what happened ?
Hi there, this story happened quite a long time ago but for some reason it has been going through my head again and I need to talk about it.

I am quite a matter-of-fact person. I don't jump to supernatural conclusions when I hear a slight noise or get the shivers so for me to openly talk about this means it really must have struck me as strange, even then. When it happened I just shrugged it off... But it's still here and in the back of my mind I truly feel it was a supernatural encounter.

So here goes.

From the age of fifteen I started living alone in an old appartement flat in a small town in rural France. Sounds strange, I know, but its all quite understandable if I explain that I'm an expat, grew up in France and had to go to study far away from home. Anyway, this is not important.

I just want to insist on the fact that I was young, alone and living in an extremely old building. The staircase in itself was a testament to how ancient the building actually was (I'd say around 18th century). So, from the moment I started living there I kept having these terrible insomnias, I just would lay awake for hours and never get sleep. I though this was due to stress but everything was going fine with my studies and I had great friends.

I would come home in the evening with an absolute feeling of dread in my stomach. As if something was there waiting for me to come back. I would get the impression of being watched in my own home and would hate silence for fear of something speaking up out of the blue. As I said, I am very matter of fact. I considered all these feelings to be stemming from my imagination. I didn't even tell anyone because I really didn't see a point and just, well, lived with it.

This went on for 2 years. It sounds mad now that I think of it but because I had great friends, great teachers and lots of fun everything seemed to balance itself out or so I thought.

Then came what I like to call "the two weeks of strangeness". I was feeling extra on edge and things seem to keep on happening. The first incident was one night when I was sleeping I heard a glass move on a woodtop table. I knew I had put a glass there and I recognize the sound of glass sliding across wood, you probably do too, it was exactly that sound. I made myself not think of anything and managed to sleep. The next morning to glass was still there but unfortunately I could not figure out if it had moved places, I couldn't remember exactly where I put it.

Next was a package I received in the mail with my name on it and address. In the package was a card game, I couldn't understand any of it except that it was supposed to "help me open my conscience"(in English not French) on the notice, the rules of the game where unintelligible and the pictures on the cards were of people holding hands, stones, candles and the likes. Weird, weird, weird. I threw to whole thing away because at this point I was starting to really freak out.

Then, I'd say a few days later, I open my front door and on the ground neatly positioned in front of me is a copy of Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf book... You think I am joking. I am absolutely not. Just for context, in France it is illegal to print and sell this book so I have no idea where it came from. I didn't even touch It, I walked away to school thinking that something was definitely after me. This was when I decided to tell my teachers and parents because I didn't want anything to do with crazed neo-nazis. I got back that day and the book was gone.

Few days later, walking in the street a roof tile falls from a roof and narrowly misses my head. I could have died, I thought I was cursed.
I started praying even though I am not religious, I didn't understand what was happening to me.

Then there is what I consider the climax point of all these things. I was sleeping in bed as normal when (this is in a dream) I get up in bed suddenly and look to the side. There, in front on the mirror is a pale green mist, roughly the height of a man but not very discernable. So, I start screaming at it. I have never been so angry at something my whole life. I was furious, I was insulting it in all the names you could imagine, I was ready to fight it so bad I didn't know I was capable of such a violent reaction. I don' tknow where this came from but it was like an instinct in me to scare it. I then slowly lower down to my previous position in bed and I wake up straight away in the same position. The feeling was as if my soul had put itself back into my body. 

After this episode, everything stopped! All the insomnia, the feelings of dread, the weird occurrences, everything. 

And that's it. So, please, tell me what you think of this. I would be so interested to hear your opinions. Was it nothing? A demon? Are all the strange episodes related do you think? I am still trying to make sense of it all. Sorry for the length of this story, I just want it to be told to you as it was, with all the details. Thank you so much for reading. (Sorry also for occasional mistakes in English)
In such an old house, there had been so many generations that lived and passed away. It is not surprising there were spirits living there. You were walking into their home. They have every right to defend their home. Some spirits are harmless. They just wanna scare you away. Some may want to communicate with you, looking for ways to reach you hoping you would seek help from a medium. They are lost spirits. They want help from the medium to guide them back to where they are supposed to go. I am saying this from the experience my friend had.

One of the ways we use to stop the spirits from disturbing us is by scolding them. In most cases it works provided the spirit is not a wrathful one.
It sounds like you're creating your own 'ghost', from your own paranoia.
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"Gratitude is a sickness suffered by dogs." - Joseph Stalin
What makes you think it's the paranormal causing this to happen?
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