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Need some help.
So, my girlfriend and I have always been into the paranormal and we started talking about some of our experiences. She told me when she was younger, she lived in a roughly mid nineteenth century home and that she would have many experiences in the first floor of the house. (There's two floors.) The first experience was in the dining room, when her grandmother was asleep she would always see these very tall shadows that would shake the house when they walked. There were only two of them, she remembers feeling absolutely scared for her life to the point were she had to hide under the dining room  table. Her second encounter was these two people in her grandmothers room. She remembers that when her grandmother was asleep and she went into the bedroom, the bedroom looked nothing like her grandmothers room. She said that there was a woman and a man sleeping next to each other in the bed. When she went to go take a peak at who they were the floor creaked and the woman woke up so she hid by the foot of the bed. She heard the woman talking to the man but can't remember what they were saying. Once she was sure the woman had laid back down she ran to get her grandmother and when they went back to the room, it was perfectly normal. Something else she experienced was these reoccurring nightmares about a shadow figure taking her from her grandmother. I can tell that she's not lying and that this is 100% genuine. When she was telling me I could almost see the fear in her face almost fifteen years later. We're currently trying to find history on the house, we do know that one elderly woman did die on the property but of natural causes. However, the property is very old and did see a lot of things between nineteenth and twentieth century. 

Now that you know some of her experiences, here comes my question to you all. We can look up in books history of this place and we can also go to archives and historical societies, but we won't exactly explain what these spirits that bother her are. We want to try and contact these spirits to maybe get some information off of them and see if we can trace it anywhere. I know the spirit realm can be a tricky place and dangerous place, that's why I am here asking you what the best way to approach this is. Can we ask questions without the activity picking up or increasing to the point where it gets bad? I know once you allow a spirit to talk, sometimes they don't want to stop. 

If anyone has any insight on what we should do, please give us some feedback. 

Probably something is going on in your house.
One of you has the ability to partially fall into the second dimension in dreams, but he is not aware of this, yet he has not yet discovered it.
Until he finds it himself, it's best to ignore all these events.
If I’m understanding you correctly, it has been 15 years since these occurrences.  I understand the research aspect of it, but before you try anything ‘tricky’ or ‘dangerous,’ you might want to ask yrself… what kind of answer are you looking for?  And how will you know when you find it?

For instance, if you were to hire a professional medium to perform a séance or whatever it is they do… how will you know if they are legitimate?  Assuming you find a true ‘ghost whisperer,’ how will you know if the spirit you contact is the same one yr girlfriend had issues with?  And even if it is, how will you know if the spirit is giving truthful answers?

Contact with the spirit realm is, indeed, ‘tricky.’  Demons and other foul things lurk there and often pose as something other to convince you they are harmless.  Ask the wrong question or say the wrong thing and you might accidentally invite them into yr lives.  If it’s been 15 years, do you really want to risk inviting some dark spirit to attach itself to her?  Do you want these experiences to start up again?  Or something worse?

Can you imagine an answer you might find that would be worth that kind of cost?

I agree with Rudi.  At least, in the ‘ignore it’ part.  Accept that yr girlfriend isn’t crazy, that she once lived in a haunted house, and move on. 
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