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GhostSDR Testers
Hi All,

I have been researching EVP's for over 2 years now and not had anything conclusive after 1000's of hours of recordings.

The only conclusion I can make is that the 2 Voice Recorders I use do not pick up any stray frequencies or interference.

A year ago I read a post about someone who used a SDR (Software Defined Radio) to act as a Ghost Box.

My Father passed away 2 months ago and I wanted to try using a Ghost Box as part of my research but I am not a rich person, so I have to choose and spend wisely anything I want for Paranormal Research and a P-SB7 was quite costly here in the UK, so I remembered this SDR posting and re-read it and decided to give this a go.

I brought a V3 SDR and tried the instructions but it's mainly for Linux and I tried doing it in a VM but got no where. I don't use Linux, I'm a Windows guy, so I wrote some software myself for Windows to create a SDR Ghost Box.

I called it GhostSDR and I am now looking for people who may have a SDR device and would like to give it ago and provide some feedback.

If you have a SDR device, you will need to install SDR# and the Net Monitor Plugin (Both are free downloads from the Airspy website). Anyway full instructions and the software is here on my site.

My software does not interact with the SDR Device, it just sends the necessary commands to control SDR# via the Net Monitor plugin.
With GhostSDR you can create frequency lists (ie start and end frequencies), the skip rate to jump from one frequency to another and also the time spent on a particular frequency. The default skipping is sequential (ie upwards) but you can also create random skips and also the state the bandwidth (eg in SDR# FM has a bandwidth of 191000Hz but you can select what ever you want. The lower the Hz then the less signal is used.

For best result, just play with SDR# for a few hours and read some tutorials to understand how SDR works, so when you come to create the Frequency Lists you will have a better understanding.

You are only limited to frequencies to what the SDR device can receive, eg from 100Hz to 3GHz etc where as a P-SB7 is liited to just the AM/FM range of frequencies.

GhostSDR is free and will always be free. I believe in a world where sharing is caring.

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