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Evil entity.
I've never posted about any of my experiences before, because i've never had any negative ones, until now. I can still not believe that i'm actually writing about this as i've not told anyone in my family because i know how it sounds.
Basically, last night i was having trouble sleeping as usual when i felt my legs get very heavy and i could not move them, then my shoulders and head got pushed down into the mattress and i had a sense someone was looking at me, So i opened my eyes,, and i've never been so scared in all my 50yrs of life. When i looked there was a face basically screaming at me with its forehead pushing down on mine. I yelled at it and managed to shake free, i sat up and turned on my torch that i always keep on my bedside cabinet and there was no one there, but my heart was beating so fast and hard that it hurt and i thought i was going to have a heart attack.
I've had family members who have passed on visit me before and it's always been a positive experience, But this time was completely different, i definitely believed this entity meant me harm. The only reason i can think of for this to happen is that 2 days ago i fetched a bed for my daughters flat, from a house some miles away where the elderly owner had died. Could it be from there?
If it makes you feel better I've had almost the same thing happen at least a dozen times. Waking from sleep to be paralyzed and feeling something evil is on your chest is an experience many people share.
Hi, to me it sounds like an episode of sleep paralysis. I’ve never experienced it but both of my children have. Scary when it’s happening.
As difficult as you might find this, when you are in the throes of an event like that, you must keep your calm and remember to breathe slowly. You can panic all you like on the outside, but you need to try to grab hold of yourself and breathe.
When you start calming down, it will be a lot easier to take stock of what happened/is occurring. Furthermore, if you are able to calm yourself down, during the experience, you will be in a much more advantageous position to resist whatever is attacking you. Should it be something with aims of possession, it's a lot more difficult to manage that end, if the person you are targeting isn't cripplingly afraid of you.

If this was an episode of sleep paralysis, breathing and being calm can help pull you out of it.
I did have an episode about a month ago where i awoke feeling terrified and as if there were several people holding my legs down. I tried to get up but couldn't, and my face was being pushed to the left so i couldn't see who was there. I fought as hard as i could and after a while i managed to move my legs and head, But had a terrible feeling that someone was in my house, so i stumbled downstairs and looked around then went back up to my bedroom and looked out of the window and saw a dark shape at the bottom of the garden.
I put it all down to a bad dream, and carried on as usual, even though i don't usually have bad dreams anymore, but i couldn't shake the feeling of being watched, and i would go into a room and suddenly feel so depressed and down, as if i wanted to end my life, but then after leaving the room i would feel ok again. The other night my wife, me, my daughter and her partner were all sitting at the dinner table eating Sunday tea, when she jumped and turned around and said "What", i replied "i didn't say anything" then she said "you grabbed my shoulder and made me jump, what do you want?" I told her it wasn't me and i wasn't even near her shoulder, but she stuck to her guns and said that something grabbed her shoulder. Later that evening she said she saw someone walk past her chair and into the hallway, but there was no one else in the house. Now if it was just me seeing things then it could be all in my head, but now my wife is seeing things too...

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