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Prophetic dream-should I tell the person whom I dreamt about?
I have had prophetic dreams before and this time I dreamt about my boyfriend passing.  Should I bring this up with him?  He's had cancer before and lately he's been complaining about a sore throat again.  This was his initial complaint when he was first diagnosed.  I told himto go to the Dr but he won't go.
I would highly suggest a doctor's visit since you noted his sore throat was the first complaint that helped to diagnose his cancer. Talk to him about your dream and let him know how it makes you feel, and how a doctor's visit can either confirm or prove your dream wrong.
Best wishes Butterfly
 The woods are lovely, dark, and deep but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep. 
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Hi Chevleia,
Thank you for your response!  I'm still trying to bug him to go to the Dr's but he's so stubborn about seeking treatment.  If he doesn't make his appointment this week, i will definitely share my concerns about my dream with him.

If I might ask, what was his cancer of? If it was throat cancer, as cigars and pipes tend to be big causers of this, maybe he should go check it out. Otherwise, lets take a step back and answer a couple questions. How long has his throat been bugging him, for this bout? This year's flu and illness season has been a lot worse than most. Not in severity, but in it's being contagious. Keep an eye, but if it hasn't been that long, don't attribute a dream to it.

I mean, I had a dream last night about setting up a team for baseball, among friends. Just prior to that I was flying through the air to that destination, using some magical propelling device. Sometimes we shouldn't read to far into dreams.
Hi KaelisRa,
Thanks for your reply! My boyfriend had throat cancer. His throat has been bothering him for more than a week. Gargling doesn't seem to help. He's also had colon polyps which were precancerous removed and he's reporting stomach complaints again as well. His stomach complaints have gone on for several weeks and it doesn't seem to be getting better. I think he's just scared to go because possibly his cancer has returned.
Yeah, best you go to the doctor, in that case. First and foremost, safety first. I get this can be terrifying, but if it's a worst-case thing, it's better catch it early, no?
Thanks KaelisRa!
I agree. If the cancer is back, better to catch it early so he can get treatment for it.

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