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I had a real weird experience with shadow people
I had a real weird experience. I was at a friend's house who lived in a remote part of Dallas and there was a lot of woods around and every night after 3am the shadow people wouls come out and there's tons of them just walking around and they play tricks on you but what really happened that scared me was we were sitting in my friend's car her children were even in the in the back seat and her ignition was off so her axillary lights were on and as soon as the axillary light shut off when they timed out she somehow dislocated her shoulder and it was like right as the lights went out and it was weird as hell then we had to pop a shoulder back in. After that I was really freaked out and I wanted to leave the next morning I woke up and I had a swollen foot like so bad I had to go to the emergency room. The doctors told me that I had some really bad ant bites and I was having a severe allergic reaction to them thing is I'm not allergic to ants and it's just I don't know the whole thing was very weird.

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