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Spirits in my photos
I see spirits in images and covered my dresser mirror because of this. The former residence where the mirror came from had alot of negativity from the bar below me and the neighbors fighting violently next door. Both couples. Than my ex who gave me the mirror before he left the state, he started getting abusive when we lived together long ago, before making me move on. I have moved a few times since that time but clearly see spirits in this picture I took today too.

The spirits look nothing like me and there is no one living with me nor are there images around similar to what I see here. In the past I shared ghostly photos of my old microwave and paper towel holder, photos I took from the place with the dresser mirror from my kitchen when I was alone one day. Others saw more than I saw when my photo was shared. This seems to follow me. So can any psychic people tell me if you see any spirits in this image?    
I'm picking up poor photography, blurry with movement. But that's the easy way to create pareidolia. Try learning to use a tripod or to hold the camera still.

Now asking psychics to look is the best way to hear what you want. its amazing how they can pick things from a faked picture.
Here is the only real spirit image captured by a camera
Sorry, I don’t see anything.
I can not make out anything strange in the picture other than reflections and blur.

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I'm trying hard but I haven't been able to see anything in this image Sad

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