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I have the pictures
My wife and I moved into a town home in June of this year and the entire time we have lived here we have heard footsteps upstairs when no one is upstairs or when we are home alone, there is a corner by the stairs and the front door that just feels like someone is there and I hate to look at it and when I do look I feel like I cannot look away. While living here it has felt like my wife and I have been pushed to fight daily and we started having major problems after moving here. The other day when my wife was asleep she felt something grazing her butt and then the next morning she fell down the stairs and she said she felt like she was pushed. Well fast forward to 11/1 when we were leaving to go to the movies, and every time we go somewhere we take a picture, well when we took this picture there was an unwanted guest in the picture. Naturally we freaked out and left but came back not long later to try and explain what happened but we couldn't and when we took another picture of just my wife there was someone or something else in the picture. Both pictures were taken with the snapchat filter that makes you look like you have no flaws, the first was taken with the front camera and the second with the back camera which produces flurries in the picture, however there were no flurries and neither picture had the blue tint these pictures usually have when taken in the dark but rather changed to black and white. We tried to see if there was a filter that we could have accidentally clicked on or a background or anything we could have changed to make this happen but cannot find any explanation. The pictures look too clear to be real and I have never seen something like this, I don't believe in this normally but am being forced to now. I have the pictures but it won't let me post them here. [/php]
I believe you need to reach a certain number of posts before you can post photos. I'm looking forward to seeing your picture.
(11-02-2017, 09:55 PM)lorac61469 Wrote: I believe you need to reach a certain number of posts before you can post photos. I'm looking forward to seeing your picture.

Yes, members must make 50 posts before their account will be automatically upgraded to "Resident" with more capabilities including being able to post attachments (images)

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