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Starting a Paranormal Group...
I am currently in the process of starting a paranormal investigation group. Note that I am trying to stay as scientific as possible, even though it is a metaphysical subject. But coming from an ex-believer and now a skeptic, what do you advice in forming a group, and more importantly, what are some of the best ways to capture convincing evidence? Thank you for your advice (:
Considering supernatural has never been proven and there are millions in rewards for proof it may be difficult to find convincing evidence.

Study the human mind, and sleep disorders. Study delusions, fantasy proneness and pyschosis's.

Study ASSAP Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena and learn all that isn't paranormal. Do not believe the garbage MOST teams present and especially what you see on TV.

Learn everything you can about the equipment you plan on using.
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions despite when we are shown convincing evidence. In fact its called Dogma.

Unfortunately with things such as photoshop and other thechnologies evidence can be faked.

So once you start experiencing your own paranormal and capturing your own evidence, you will finally have some things that might sway you one way or the other.
You want the honest truth? If you try to start a paranormal group on the basis of science, you will see everything in science. It's the same as the old adage: If you have a problem and go to a surgeon, they'll want to cut you open. Go to a chiropractor, they'll say it's your back. Oncologist? Cancer. Everyone tends to bring a problem back to what they know, because it's where they are comfortable. That is not any way to conduct objective investigations, especially when the stakes are, potentially, someone's life or soul.

If you want to start a group, you need to approach it from the stand-point of determining what it is you are trying to uncover. What is a ghost? What is a demon or any kind of spirit? If I can't measure for them, how can I determine if they are real or there?

My answer to you comes from UnR's very first suggestion of study. Study the human mind. Specifically, look into behavioural psychology. Familiarize yourself with pattern recognition, and try to see if you can pick out when a pattern looks to be structured naturally, or created by a sentient being. If science tells you it's an electrical discharge from the faulty wiring of a house, but you can predict the specific outcome of the next event, based on behavioural psychology. You've essentially just determined that something is actively using the wiring of a house to its ends. That removes coincidence.

This is SOO important, because the material universe is made up of tangible tools. Everything, form a fork to a star to a person or body, everything that is material is a tool. Morality stems from the idea that every body also has a second facet that creates its individuality. We respect people because of their right to make their own decision, not because they are made up of a separate collection of molecules.

Understand the minds that used to be housed in these bodies. Start there, and any of the fun tools you want to use will only supplement the process. Good luck, and have fun. But also be careful. The human psyche can be the cause of some of the most disturbing things.

Do not look for things you don't understand, or else you will never know where or how to look to find them.

So since you need to find evidence of anything that defies what we currently know about the world, then you'll want to begin gathering scientific equipment that can measure everything in a controlled environment. Focus on room temperature, body temperature, heart rate, measure weight of objects before, during, and after tests. Measure electromagnetic fields, measure pressure, test for static electricity, have surveillance video, normal vision, night vision, heat vision, ultraviolet vision. Basically, you'll want to have as much equipment as you can for having an entire room completely controlled and watched with equipment readings, so anything that happens in that space, will be captured.

Then to do something in that space, just have an O.B.E. or Astral Project, or find people that can.


Very well said. We should probably work together sometime.

;D Thanks buddy! Yeah, I love collaboration. Sharing opinions and ideas, even trying to discern whether something is the way it is, is how we grow. A lot of what I've learned/practiced was for me to know/have on an individual basis. But, I'd love to discuss things and see what other people have determined.

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