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Has anyone had a good experience with tarot reading ?
It’s been a long time since I came here last, but I wanted to share an experience with you that I actually went through twice. So, I’ve been getting card readings for just over two years now, with peaks and troughs in my activity. I had a few amazing “successes” in making predictions… but here we are and I’ve lost confidence. Lately, I’ve had several readings on I will post a url when I review rules and reach the required number of posts. with questions focusing on a particular situation. The cards were telling me that “things are looking up” and so on and so forth... even with a few details... but in reality, I feel that the situation just keeps getting worse. Worse, if I change website, I get a completely opposite result. The same thing applies to a question that really mattered to me last year: the cards were clear and super positive, for an issue that was anything but positive in reality.

In short, wrong readings can happen, and I get that. That’s not the question. I’m so fed up that I’m really questioning the whole thing. I have absolutely no faith in my cards (nor in myself quite obviously) and I get the feeling that it’s like a false hope so you can clutch at straws in the hope that things will get better... and that’s not what I want... I don’t want my cards to lie to me to keep me happy if you see what I mean?

So the question is, who has had a dry spell in the past? A loss of faith, so you want to throw your cards away and jack it all in instead? How did you get through it?

Help.... ???
When I get tarot readings they were fairly dark but somewhat balanced. It is way too easy to try and see only positive things in your reading and if that is the case than definitely something is wrong. It would be very unusual to keep getting such readings as there are always things to work on, externally or internally.

As for loss of faith in the cards, definitely I would not consider the cards to be giving clear enough answers to have much faith in them. The cards are deliberately complicated so that they can be interpreted in different ways. Since there are numerous interpretations it's difficult to "know the future" from the cards but it can be useful for "knowing yourself".
Hey, it is true that a psychic reading can have a different impact on the person seeking the reading. Many times the effect of reading depends upon the faith of a person on the readers and the kind of information he is seeking. There are many type of psychic readers like the tarot reader, voyance direct phone psychic reader , Palm reader etc. who can help to get positive way of living and enhance the decision making of a person.
I've experienced a deeper insight with the tarot cards.  Tarot are guides to that help change the course of your destiny.  The tarot's ultimate purpose is a change in consciousness.  Before a tool of divination for material aspects of someones life, the spiritual aspect applied.  This also would result in material wealth as well as the spiritual aspects.  2 sides of the same coin falling within the same frequency of each other.  

Just about all the astrotheological Abraham religions are based on tarot.  The torah is a hinted pun at the tarot.  The cards also have to do with hermetic universal laws. along with numerology, geometry etc.

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