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Possession causing mental illness
10-14-2017, 06:02 AM
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RE: Possession causing mental illness
Hello UglyNRude,

I know the history of the Quija board thats nothing new for me. I know this is a trademark of H****o, Inc.

I also know the Kohnstamm effect and the Carpenter effect . Thats also nothing new for me.

Everyone who can use the internet can get the same informations.

You wrote it is a childs game, would you really let your own children’s play with it?

About Schizophrenia: Scientist, more precisely neurologists and psychologists, do not really know what the trigger for schizophrenia is.

But of course the trigger of the illness we call schizophrenia are not entities.

Have you ever meet schizophren people? Most of them really fear such kind of forums, because they think in this forums are all bad magicans, aliens, agents and I don’t know what else and they are immediately in their world of thought.

Even those one who know that they are ill, fear such kind of forums, because they know the „voices“ in their head become „new food“.

Also no serious psychologist would give here the diagnosis schizophrenia only due to a few responds overall written in a few minutes. I don’t know because of course i’m the new one in this forum: Is this the normal way here?

Please do not forget, that I never used the word „schizophrenia“.

I wrote:

Every time when you call an entity over the Quija-Board it feeds on your energy. More accurate on your mental energy.

I dont know what this is for energy, I only know without this energy you became more aggressive, more credulous and you even look older as you are.

I'am realistic enough to know that he will not listen to it. But if another one, who never used the board and wants to use it, reads my answer and doesn't use the board everything is o.k..

You asked me why I think the causes come from using the board?
I give you a short answer:

To much things seen in this way!
Of course i’m here new, but I have collected experiences during 18 years. And not only in front of my laptop in Forums like this.

I used also books as a source of informations, and I also went out to help if help was required, Not because I want to help or because I want to be a super hero, the reason was simpler: because nobody else wanted to help those desperate families, single mothers, fathers, ...

The fascinating is, that no matter what language, no matter what country, the conditions are similar and the behaviour of the user are similar

This is may be not what you expected, but I think I can not give the right proof tested answer for you. I can only answer the question.

But before I continue writing:

Have you ever made paranormal experiences?

Best regards
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