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Alternatives to Trifield Natural EM Meter

Are there alternatives (gladly also cheaper) to this Triefield EM Meter in the "Natural" version?
It seems, more sensivity and excluding artificial fields with 50hz, 60hz etc..
What exactly are you going to use it for? You have to understand emf meters do not detect paranormal. Perhaps understand emf more. Items like baselines
That was not the question.

Your answer is not correct. Do not according to scientific standards and the scientific method.
You do not know if ghosts exist, and if so, whether ghosts are generating EM fields.
It seems, you pretend that ghosts do not exist (perhaps you are on a pure "debunking mission"?), and that is the basis of all your assertions.
This is unscientific and inadmissible.
It "prohibits" from the outset, the use of EM meters for such purposes.
Absolutely inadmissible reasoning and retoric.

I am not believing in god (Freud said, it is a "Infantile neurosis with father complex", say this to your parents, grandparents, friends etc.. No? Why? They are really "mentally ill"...), and i am not a esoteric" or "spiritual".
I believe only that there should be no prohibition of research on the basis of dogmatas.

This is a well-known pseudo-argumentation and approach of "pseudoskeptics":
Same Like:
Quote:If psychic abilities are demonstrated under controlled conditions (e.g. PEAR, Ganzfeld, SRI), then there must have been flaws in the protocols or lack of controls, because psychic abilities are not possible.

This form of "because" retoric is generally inadmissible.

If you never used EM-meter, or special for "ghost hunting" designed capacitive pods etc., "forbid" the use for such puposes, you can not even determine or disprove their benefit.

Your intention seems to be that nobody should explore such "perhaps-paranormal-phenomenas".
"Because, they do not exist" <= Very stupid argument, and absolutely inadmissible scientific methodology.
Is it your "crusade" to "heal" people from their "insanities"?
"Debunking" off-topic comments in purely technical question threads.

Whats your profession?
It does not seem to be a science degree. Perhaps a worker, lab worker (perhaps, will be closer to his "gods" (scientists) by being so radical), office worker (a drone in a cubicle..., a "clockwatcher") etc. (guilty parents).
I have no science degree, but I also do not claim such unscientific statements.
Oh, and I had tried simple EM meter and App for the magnetic field in smartphones.
Also apps that only display values from a certain minimum value. Like this EM meters with some LEDs.
They NEVER show blinking LEDs in a normal environment. Try it. And you can calibrate at the location the baseline for this place to zero. Then, possible persistent fields will be ignored.

Also not effects a feet next to a TV power supply.
Only if I hold it directly to the device, direct flat on a monitor surface, or into a computer case, it indicates a low value.
False alarms from normal sources are more likely not possible.
Not in the house, and not in the field. For example, in a wood is nothing. And if there is a landline or transformer, this is a persistent source.
Most artificial/technical sources are persistent. And temporary on transformer houses etc. have not such high "em dirt" in hundreds of yards.
You will be use the walkie-talkie/cell-phone/etc.-"argument"?
Bad... You know if, and when you or another person use it. And you can use the "flight mode" of your mobile phone.
And you can check beforehand whether radio equipment and mobile phone affect these devices.

Try to experiment with an EM-Meter!
Do you own an EM meter?
Test when it has a peak.
You'll see it does not show a peak for no reason.
First you shouldn't hold an emf meter as you can trigger a spike with movement. Next doing baseline readings should be done over a minimum of 24 hours with at least two meters. Even then the problem with such baseline readings is that they assume that the start of a vigil is somehow typical, average or normal. In fact, EM fields in any building vary all the time.

A major problem with EMF meters, when used for ghost research, is that they do not discriminate between different frequencies. The readings are only accurate at mains frequency. Readings at other frequencies may be completely wrong. A single reading of '10' might indeed be 10 at 50 Hz but really 20 at 300 Hz. It could also be a combination of different frequency components that add up to '10'. What this means is that, unless you are measuring only mains frequency (which doesn't normally interest ghost researchers) the reading is likely to be wrong.

It is therefore impossible to compare two readings because they may represent completely different frequencies and magnitude even though they both appear as the same figure on the display. Worse, you've no ideas what any of the frequencies are anyway and can't measure them. At least if you knew it was a 50 Hz spike you'd have a good idea it was a field from a mains circuit. In practice, it is impossible to differentiate between a spike of '10' units produced by nearby wires behind a wall and someone walking past with magnetic metal in their pocket, for instance. So to say a field is 'unexplained' simply means what it says - it does not mean you can conclude it is paranormal in origin!

And lastly you cannot measure a human with an emf meter when alive what makes a dead person become magical at death? When we die we ignore all the known releases of energy to imagine we can suddenly give off emf. Oh wait we can now also control RF as well as we can talk without a voicebox.
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.
To get this back on topic look at the Extech EMF450 it measures magnetic field, electric field and RF all at the same time.

Trifield measuring three fields as opposed to one most measure.

KII if you want to scare people.

Now I also suggest getting a dirty electricity detector. You will find dirty electric in most homes, discovering the cause can be work. you can buy a meter or just an am radio to give you an idea of sources.

and of course data loggers

and of course you must account for stray voltage .... which has many causes, from bad grounds to leaky transformers.

I suggest if you investigate paranormal to have an electrician on your team.
Hi UglyNTrue,

So you are saying that a AM radio can be used as a basic, low cost EM meter?
(01-13-2019, 06:31 AM)LogicalChaos Wrote: Hi UglyNTrue,

So you are saying that a AM radio can be used as a basic, low cost EM meter?

Yes as well as a magnetic compass

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