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Glowing bubble
You all know me, I tend to try and think things through and I genuinely don't believe this is paranormal, but I also genuinely don't know what it was either.

Last night after I finished work, a little after 11, I was walking to catch my tram and caught sight of what appeared to be a bubble floating upwards. I thought it was a small bubble a few metres up but it disappeared through the clouds, so it must have been larger. It also gave off a blue-white glow, and was definitely transparent. As it passed out of view through the clouds there were a few flashes of the same colour light in the clouds, silent, looked a lot like heat lightning. Would have filmed it but the whole event must have taken 3 or 4 seconds. I was with another person who also saw it.

Have fun debunking! Also curious to hear what the sagronians think it was.
"Oh! Come on! Do you think I'm a gulla-bull? Or even a gulla-calf?"
Cool. Ball lightning? Guess it was a UFO.

Subject: I have a black cat.
Believer: Black cats are bad luck.
Non-believer: It's just a cat.
Crackpot: Black cats are part of the New World Order government conspiracy.
Skeptic: I can test if black cats are more or less lucky than another cat.
Cynic: You only have a black cat to gain power and prestige.

Well technically I can't identify it, so yeah, I guess it was!
"Oh! Come on! Do you think I'm a gulla-bull? Or even a gulla-calf?"

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