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Caught some EVPs, Help decide what they say?
I captured what I believe to be EVP's during a Ouija Board session. I've run it through audacity and played with some effects to make it a bit more clear, So I know what I believe they say. But i'm curious to know what others come up with. So I've uploaded the raw EVP's (Recorded with a Memorex MB2054 on High Sensitivity with VOX on.) The clips contain parts of the recording where neither me or my girlfriend were speaking at the time. The room was as silent as we could get.

I will not be saying what I believe them to be yet, so I do not influence your opinions.
What checks did you make of known local radio equipment & did you work out potential RF fields from what you found?
Also what precautions did you take to prevent other electrical items or passing radio equipment from interfering with your recorder?
Also how many hours of recordings do you have & were they made at various times of day & on different days & times? As that could be perfectly normal for your location?
Making a recording & then saying I have sounds what do you think they are. If you have not made basic checks or taken basic precautions is never going to result in them being taken seriously. As they sound like they could be something natural & perfectly explainable. But from such a short recording & with no known precautions or checks being made. Expected would be the most logical answer.
Just to add. I use to work in broadcasting & made many many hours of recordings on high quality professional equipment & noises that you cannot explain & which sometimes sound conveniently appropriate to those with an active imagination, are perfectly normal. Or are normal if you are not in full control of the recording environment. And that is especially so when you then take that recording & go looking for the unexplained & then manipulate the recording to make it all sound more like what you want to make it sound like.
(07-13-2017, 07:16 AM)Kayt Wrote: What checks did you make of known local radio equipment & did you work out potential RF fields from what you found?

There is a cell tower about 2 miles away. And A tower I can't get too much information on what it's used for, at about 4 miles away.

anything electronic was turned off except for my computer, which was about 10 feet from our recorder. The computer was left on to record with my Blue Yeti as well. But Audacitys VOX settings leave much to be desired.

I'm not sure how long our session was, but the total length on the recorder is 1 minute and 50 seconds. But this was in VOX mode.

I had originally found 3 EVPs, but I accidentally exported the whole clip out of audacity instead of the clip. I had to get some sleep so I didn't bother looking for it again. A lot of other unexplained sounds were too fast, or didn't sound like anything important at all. The EVPs were not present in the 30-40 seconds of the recorded so it started later in the session.
So every electrical item was turned off at the mains? And the mains is filtered to prevent external sources of interference entering it & radiating via the mains system? And you made checks on what transmitters are local? As many phone masts as an example as disguised.
What is called the noise floor. That loud white noise you hear best between AM (Medium Wave) stations. It is a mixture of natural noise created by the universe & earth, plus an ever increasing level of electronic interference. It is things like switch mode power supplies, LED TV's , Bulbs, heating & cooling systems, as well as blue tooth etc And it is becoming more & more of a problem, to more & more people.
Did you turn all the phones off? as they can commonly cause Electronic interference too.
If you left a computer on, then they will cause all sorts of issues. Not only will it have power supplies, but other things happening too.
Try running the address here>

Also try upgrading to a minimum of tascams.
Also any modification in an audio program alters the recording. A mistake I made when starting out in the early 2000's.

Your memorex gets some pretty poor reviews.
I find the quality of the recordings to be very poor. I can hardly understand what's being said, and there is a lot of noise in the recordings, even in the SP mode

Playback volume and quality is relatively low. I was embarrassed presenting recordings to my peers when compared to their equipment.

So if you want to pick up noise you got the right recorder. As far as hearing anything it sounds like rf noise.
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.

Quote:Our brains are wired in such a way that they can play tricks on us, causing us to think that there are meaningful patterns in what is actually random, meaningless information. This is known as pareidolia.

Quote:Problem: Can you condition people to perceive music in the absence of music?

Quote:We’ll mix this song with white noise—noise generated by a totally random signal. When the audio from the song is reduced to zero, will your friends imagine that they can still hear the song playing somewhere behind all the white noise?


People hear what they want to hear! Most of your subjects will have thought that music was still playing even when the audio channel playing the music was reduced to 0 decibels.

Quote:Why? By playing music for your listeners, you’re exposing them to auditory information that is in fact structured in a meaningful way. By doing so, you’re conditioning your listeners to expect to extract meaningful information from the sound they hear. Even when the volume of the deck playing the music is reduced to zero, your listener will continue to think they’re hearing the music somewhere in the white noise, even when all they’re hearing is randomly generated sonic information!
an example of a tower search in sarasota fl.
Your AntennaSearch Report is ready!

( 1817 Fruitville Rd, Sarasota, FL 34236 )

- Results Summary -

Search Radius at max - 4.0 miles.

128 Tower Structures Detected!

1 New Tower Applications Detected as of 07/14/17!

460 Antenna Locations Found!

So stray rf?
It just sounds like laughing.

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